Expert Lecture #2

Yesterday for our second expert lecture Olivia’s mom came in today to talk about “the joy of giving”. I found out some interesting stuff like multiple ways to donate and give back. One of the more interesting things I found out is that Olivia’s mom is from china and has written two books about. I thought that the presentation on giving was interesting. Some of the forms of giving are donating clothes, food and money. There are to ways to give indirect and direct. indirect is like mailing someone a gift you don’t go up to them and give it to them you would have the gift go thought a series of events. direct is like giving a homeless person money on the street that would be direct you walk up to them and give it to them. I really enjoyed Olivia’s mom coming in.

Expert lecture #1

Today after anticipating and guessing who would come in for our first expert share we finally found out. It was Rania’s dad. Today he came in and talked to us about money. From the stone ages of money (bartering) to today’s version of money. He also told us about bit coins. Bit coins are a new and modern version of money. They are a digital version of money. However though bit coins are still a work in progress and are not fully released. I think they will be a cool and new way off money. We also talked about counter fitting and how with the help of bit coins if everything goes well they should help reduce counter fitting. In conclusion I thought it was very interesting.

Our first launch

This is my groups first rocket

This is my groups first rocket

It felt amazing to see my groups rocket being launched. I t was really cool to see it shoot up into the air like a bullet and then come spiraling down. I was most exited when my group launched our rocket. We were going first. I was so exited to see will the rocket go really high or not. 3,2,1 Blast off it shot up into the air but not as high as I had expected. Our clinomniter average for clinomniters 1a and 1b were 10 degrees. Our clinomniter average for clinomniters 2a and 2b were 26.2 degrees. our readings were pretty far fetched but after we did some calculations we found out our total was 16.5 meters. In conclusion with 16.5 meters as our height that put in last place for our first. I personally think that we spent to a little much time making it look cool and not weighing the possibilities of our out come but I still think we did a good job.