April 25

Blog Post: How I developed my Where I’m From poem

Generally speaking, I don’t have much to say about my poetry Where I’m from. I made a video, a long poem, and then showed it to the parents, so yeah, that was pretty much it.

Although that covered the whole story, I did have a many problems and reliefs when I finally figured out. The thing that bothered me the most was revision and really searching deep back into my moments and particles of my past life, and how I can put that on a one pages peice of paper with a lot of words really surprised me. It was a very good experience by the means of how I had to look back and appreciate my past, observe it, and make better contributions towards the future. On the other hand, what was very bad and stressful is simply another hour or so of homework. I am putting a lot of effort into this blog post already.

This is what I feel: The memory aspect is very good despite the homework, because through poetry I am able to express myself in any way that desire to. This generally added to my understanding of this unit, and helped make the poetry entertaining. I felt like in my earlier years of elementary school, I felt so contained by the units that I just couldn’t’ express myself the way I wanted to. That was very stressful because it was a lot of pressure on myself, and generally made me feel very put down down because my own ideas could not contribute to the unit. It was just like reading a book, and not being able to have freedom of thinking. It is the general psychology that kids minds propose to other people that is key to enriching other people’s lives, and our lives as well.

I decided to express my own thinking by making a video, so that I can use all of the thinking traits essential to me and my success, to create and iterate something completely original. That was a really great feeling to do with support from everyone else. The psychological feeling that I felt passed through the classroom when we watched the poetry videos compared to people reading their poems out loud in front of a Green screen was incredible because the people in the classroom as I observed, they greatly appreciated the video more than the Green Screen. I am not proposing that the whole class has to do a video, but it was interesting to see the psychology that was being passed and the emotion. I think that through the video you were more easily able to express your feelings.

Overall it was a great experience, and I loved the psychology that I observed from the class, and how I was for the first time in a long time to truly express myself in any way that I chose too. This was a great unit. Here is my video: