Design Rocket #2

When we started building our rocket it was going really well, I think that our final design turned out well I don’t know what we could have done to make it amazing. Now I will explain how the process works.

We were told that we could only change one thing about our rocket. The thing we would change about our rocket was our fins. We made the fins bigger and we put them higher, we also put three fins instead of 4. We used four fins on our other rocket. I think that 

I think that I have a few things I would change about our rocket. I would say that maybe we should have done a thick body because then more air would go into it, and it might have gone higher. Also maybe we should have kept the fins the same size and put four fins again. I feel that our rocket wasn’t our best work.

Overall I enjoyed the process of making it and if there were a third launch there are many ideas i have and I wish we could use them!


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