Technology Post 8

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!❤️🎃 today in technology we continued working on our flashlight projects. I cut and stripped my wires and sawed my pipes. I think my progress is good and I will be done getting my supplies ready soon. Also, my measurements are very precise so I hope I will get a good grade on this… Continue Reading Technology Post 8

Technology Post 7🔦

This week we started a new unit. We ended the breadboard circuit unit by playing the switch game. For this game, we flipped down two regular playing cards and whichever side a red card was on, we flipped the switch on that side. If the cards were both red, we would flip the one in… Continue Reading Technology Post 7🔦

Technology Post #6

Today I organized wires on a bread board to make the lights go on. Basically they have to be at the same space and so do the wires that connect to the battery. That makes the lights go on. But to connect it to a switch you have to take out one side of two… Continue Reading Technology Post #6

Technology post 5

I finished my three switches. One of them is a turtle in the ocean and when it goes toward the tin foil, the light turns on. Another one is two pieces of cardboard and when the ends with tin foil touch, the light turns on. My third one is a switch where you push the… Continue Reading Technology post 5