Peter in Pax

In the book Pax there is a character named Peter. Peter is a non giving up person and willing to do whatever it takes to find Pax he’s pet fox. How it all started is when Peter’s dad had to go to war and they had to abandon Pax on the side of the road. Peter got so sad and angry he ran away from his grandpa’s house in the break of dawn. Once he get’s in his journey he breaks his ankle on someone’s property. The person’s property was Viola’s. At first Viola get’s mad at Peter asking what he was doing there. But when they get to know each other Viola start’s to get nice and partly funny. Viola was also a doctor in the war and fixed Peter’s ankle but it still needs some rest so Viola gives Peter crutches. Peter suddenly thinks of Pax and tries to go find him again but Viola told him that he needs to stay until his foot heals. This means that Peter is really desperate to find Pax.

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