Tech Blog Post #5

After doing the sketches, the next step was to look at your plan and cut the pieces. For example, if part of your flashlight was 5 inches, you would have to use a ruler to measure 5 inches. And then, you would have to saw all of your parts. After this, you could move on to your next step.

Tech Blog Post #4

After we watched the video, we were going to try to help the team. In order to do that, we had to make flashlights. Our first step was to sketch our flashlights. We had to use rulers to make the lines straight. We also had to use pencil so if we made a mistake, we could erase it. To sketch the flashlights, we drew all of the parts of the flashlight. We also had to use a ruler to measure the parts of our flashlight. After this, you move on to the next step.

Tech Blog Post #3

A few weeks ago in Tech, we watched a video. We watched a video about this soccer team who went in a a cave. They went in a cave, because, it was one of their teammate’s birthday. It suddenly started to rain. The team didn’t know it was going to rain. It rained so much that the cave was all flooded. They couldn’t get out. Nobody knew they were in the cave. The team couldn’t swim because they didn’t know how. The team was trapped in the cave. Eventually, people found out about the cave. They were trying too rescue the team. They gave them food, water, etc. Finally, they got the team out.

Tech Blog Post #2

A few weeks ago in Tech, we started a new project. It’s called, “The Switch Game.” Everybody in our class has to make three switches. To make theses switches, you use tin foil, card board, hot glue, popsicle sticks, straws, rubber bands, markers, etc. Once, you’re done with your switch, you play, “The Switch Game.” You play with other people at your table. To play, “The Switch Game” you use cards. Overall, “The Switch Game” was really fun.