Information Book – Swimming

We just finished our information books! We worked on writing, typing, adding pictures with captions, editing and animations. My topic was on swimming. I thought the hardest part was the typing. I thought the easiest part was the animations. One thing I liked most about this was adding the animations. I hope you enjoy my book!


3 thoughts on “Information Book – Swimming

  1. Kate, your book is amazing! If I read that book a few times before I knew how to swim, then after one or two weeks I would be an expert! The way you explained how to do each stroke was outstanding! I definitely agree that breaststroke is like a frog, and backstroke is relaxing if you do not race. I really enjoyed you book on swimming!

  2. I like how you said every little detail about how to swim. The captions match perfectly with your pictures.

  3. I really enjoyed your information book! I like how you added a lot of details and pictures to support your writing. It really got me interested. Breaststroke is my favorite stroke and I also like freestyle too. I can tell you put a lot of effort towards it. Great work!

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