Capstone #5

For my Capstone presentation I will be doing a WeVideo. WeVideo is a website, and app, that lets you create your own video, and you can record you voice into it, put in pictures, and make it a cool little video! One reason why I like WeVideo, is because there are so many cool things you can edit, and adjust, and there are just so many things you can do on it.

I am not done with my video, but I have been working really hard on it! Personally I think that it looks really cool, and I think it will turn out great! So far I have my script, and a little bit of my video done. For my script what I did is I put it on a google doc, print it out, and then I cut the sheet into paragraphs, and glue them to flashcards. I am recording my voice into it. I’m currently recording it by picture, but for my final video I am just going to record everything all at once.

The video is required to be five to six minutes. I think that my video is going to be around five minutes because I have five sub questions, and it would be a minute per question. Also I think that my interview with pam Hocstin really helped, because without her I wouldn’t have known a lot of things that I’m including in my video. For example, I wouldn’t have known that bell bottoms were a really big trend in the nineteen seventies.

My video is coming together really well, and I think and I hope that when I present it to everyone who watches it will enjoy it.

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