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My Brother Ethan

People are more important than objects. I am grateful for my brother Ethan because we share sweet memories, adventures, and fun. The first reason I am grateful for Ethan is that we share many unforgettable memories. For example,  every day he asks, “Can we play lego? Please?”  We always build something new like a castle, or a dragon. We will never forget these moments. The second reason I am grateful for Ethan is we go on adventures together. For example,  {almost } every day we try to go bunny catching. We wouldn’t do this without each other. We have to sneak into our neighbor’s backyard and we’re always afraid of getting caught. The last reason I am grateful for Ethan is we always have fun together. To elaborate, I used to be bored lots of times,  but now,  I spend a lot of time with Ethan doing fun things like playing in the backyard and giving him spinny rides in my arms. To conclude,  there are lots of reasons why I am grateful for my brother. He brings me joy,  adventurous times,  and memories.       


Terrific Typingclub

In 3rd grade,  we type on a website called Typing Jungle. In typing jungle there are many different levels. As your levels get higher,  they become harder. There are also some videos. There are videos because the videos have facts,  and other stuff you should know about typing. Here are some of the things I learned from the videos: posture is important, sit straight,  be healthy. The history of qwerty. NEVER EVER LOOK AT THE KEYBOARD! For that problem, for most lessons, there is a picture of a keyboard at the bottom. I suggest that you don’t look at it,    because there are some lessons that have no keyboard,  and you have to type something in a limited amount of time.  




In 3rd grade I learned how to write cursive. A lowercase c in cursive is the same as if it were in print.The only difference in cursive is that every letter in a word has to be connected. If you don’t follow that rule, you cannot write cursive. There is only one exception, and that is with some capitals. Lowercase cursive  letters have a connecting tail. It is what helps the letter connect to another one.Some capitals do not have the ability to connect.I think those are letters like capital v,  d,  f,  o,  p,   and t. In my opinion, c is the easiest letter. .Do you know how  letters are connected? If so,  that is how your letters should be when you are writing cursive.