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My Amazing Sisters

I am thankful for my sisters because they make me feel like a better person.They make me feel grateful when they play with me and laugh with me and have dance parties with me. The first reason I am grateful for my sisters is that they play Go Fish with me, or other card games with me when I don’t have a friend over. The second reason is that they laugh when they tell jokes for example they tell me a joke like how do you make a tissue dance? Just put a little boogie in it! The third reason is that they have dance parties with me and we do funny dance moves like disco and the sprinkler. I am grateful for my sisters because they are fun, silly and kind.    

Stone Fox

   Please come to the rug says Mrs. Badurski. It was finally was time for  Mrs. Badurski to read us another great book! My heart was pounding I was so excited. She called tables to the rug. Then she started to …tell us about a book called Stone Fox!! She opened the book and started. In the book Stone Fox some of the characters are named Willy, grandfather, Searchlight and Doc Smith. Then there is a big problem will Willy and Searchlight fix the problem or not. While Mrs. Badurski was reading the book it got more and more interesting .When ever there was an interesting part I wanted to know what when and why and  where they are if I didn’t know. I hope you are  interested in the book. Thanks for reading my blog.  



Cursive is a kind of handwriting. It is different because the words are connected and you can’t lift the pencil off your paper. When Mrs.Badurski told us about cursive I thought it would be easy, but it wasn’t… so she gave us cursive handwriting notebook.The first letter was C I opened the notebook slowly. My heart was beating really fast, thump thump it went. When I got to the page I started.

When I was doing it I kept on on messing up, I was about to give up.Then my aide came up to me and said just make a C, then when you get to the bottom go up then go up again then curve on the top. “I’ll  try,so I tried again ‘I did it’ I said  I was so happy yay I thought thanks for reading my blog.