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The Development Of Third Grade :)

It all started with third grade reading. Mrs Badurski was starting to teach the class the reading development strategies. She read a book called Third Grade Angels to the class. She taught the class, when you read, don’t read like a curmudgeon, but to read like gold.  She also taught the class that sometimes when you are doing a book response you want to make a little summary of what just happened.This  is really useful if you are having trouble.                                      

It was cursive that we started after reading.Mrs Badurski taught the class some strategies for cursive. She taught us how to sky write(which means to write the word in the air to get a hang of it). She also taught the class that if you are having trouble,It’s okay because practice makes perfect.

The last thing I wanted to mention is about writing.Oh my gosh, you don’t know how amazing Mrs. Badurski is at giving good strategies. She taught the class to put detail, dialog, emotions, showing not telling and so many more creative and great strategies.