Yesterday we had to try and make a lightbulb light up. We had to connect wires by unscrewing all these screw connected t0 objects and wrap the wire around the screw then screw it back on you do that four times. Then there is a switch and when you put it down then the light build turns on.
























































Technology #4

Today we are still learning about atoms, but now we are learning who discovered what and when. So basically a timeline of the history and atoms and neutrons and protons. How positives are attracted to negatives same with negatives. Negatives are attracted positives. positives and positives like each other and negatives and negatives don’t like each other ethier. There are 118 elements in the periodic table.

Here is the periodic table song!

Technology Magnets

Today in class we were talking about atoms and how some electrons attract each other and how some of them don’t. So with magnets on one side they attract each other, but if you turn one over they don’t like each other. So if you put one close to the other the one will go away from the magnet coming towards the other. If you flip the magnet you flipped over before they would go to each other. The reason for that is because they are a negative and a positive going together. If it was two positives or negative then that’s when they go away from each other.

Breakout EDU

Today in tech we did something called Breakout EDU there was a box with two locks on it and we had to find hints to break it open. We were at 20 minutes and then we got a third lock. So we asked for a hint. Then we found a hint that helped us with both of our locks. We opened a box and we got a hint that helped us with one of our locks.

6th Grade Tech

Hi I am back at school in 6th grade at the middle school. I have technology and we learned about safety and how to be safe with all the tools that are in here for when we make things or when we need to use the tools. Also we learned what you need to do and Tech and what you have to do in to be safe while there.  Tech seems like it will really fun.

Capstone Reflection

These past 6 weeks we have been doing our capstone project. Capstone has taught me a lot and I learned a lot of things from capstone for the future. One thing I have learned from capstone is managing my time. Before capstone we had another project and I did not manage my time I waited a little to start the slide show. Also capstone has taught me what proper search terms are in the beginning of capstone I was searching questions. By the end of capstone I was searching proper search terms. Capstone was a great experience for me and if I didn’t have this experience I would not be able to handle being in middle school. These past 6 weeks has taught me a lot of things I can use for the future for projects and speaking in front of an audience.

Presenting Capstone

Yesterday we presented our Capstones! It felt so good to finally present them!  I presented in my classroom. Right before I was really nervous my heart was beating fast my hands were shaking.  Right before I said the first word I looked at my friend nervous. Right when I felt like I was going to laugh I started speaking. While I was talking I did not feel nervous anymore. When I started speaking it felt like I didn’t have anything to worry about. I felt like I went I little to fast, but not so fast. Once I started I felt like it was already over. Once I finished it felt good to be over. Once I sat down I thought I went to fast and I messed up so I asked my friend who said I did just fine. Then I stopped doubting myself and thought I did a good job. I was really proud of myself!

Here is my capstone presentation!

Answering My Main Inquiry Question

For capstone I have been researching to answer my main question How has Apple products improve people’s everyday life?” I has studied for the last month to answer that question. I researched and looked at all the information I could find trying to answer my main question. After all the information I got I found the answer to my main question which is Apple products improved people’s life by you can send an email to someone when you need to tell someone something the same for texts. Also Apple made a watch, a watch that connects to your phone and that is touch screen to make things easier for people which improves people’s life. There are many different devices that Apple makes that improve people’s everyday life which are all of Apple’s products everyone of them help people.

Graphic Novels

In class we have been working on graphic novels. Everybody made their own graphic novel. I made a graphic novel called “All by Myself” about a girl and she takes care of her siblings because her parents don’t take care of her siblings or her. Writing graphic novels has taught me a new way of writing. I thought that writing a graphic would be easier then writing a normal story, but actually it’s not I think its a little harder because you have to draw a picture that matches the scene and it has to be detailed so that’s why I think graphic novels are a little harder. Making my graphic novel was fun and it taught me a new way of writing. Graphic novels were really fun to make and writing graphic novels has taught me a lot. If you are not able to see my slide show go to this link and look for the title “All by Myself” 

Restaurant Field Trip

For Spanish we had a field trip we went to a restaurant. We could only get food that everybody can share on a big plate and then put some on your own plate. I only ate the pollo saltado which is chicken with french fries. The food at the restaurant was really good. It was a really fun trip.

This is the pollo saltado



We had to talk to the waiters in Spanish and try to talk to the people at are table in Spanish.  I tried a drink that I did not like that is called chicha morada.

This is a picture of chicha morada that I tried.

Image result for chicha morada