Rube Goldberg #3 : sketch and more building

This is my 3rd blog post for my rube goldberg project, and I am going to talk about our sketch. When we first started we had some ideas but our final sketch is very different then our first ideas.

In my last post I talked about the design up to the pulley. When we thought light about what would come after that, we sketched a book forest, set off by a see saw and a water part with a unicorn rubber ducky. Making the sketch and making it work in real life are very different. We found out that the see saw part wasn’t really working that well and the books would fall without the sea saw part, as long as the first book was positioned in the right way on the cardboard levy. We didn’t update our sketch as the big ideas did not change but the details did.

At this moment we are going to work at the hardest part where a water bottle will fall over and fill a bucket with water and hopefully the ducky will fall out to set the next step to go. That will be a ball that needs to make the fidget spinners move. I think it will be hard to get the waterfall in the right spot (without getting everything wet) and for the bottle not to drop in the bucket. Getting the ducky out will also be hard. We might need to build a tunnel or something to make it fall in the right spot to set off the next step. Or maybe we need to use a ping pong ball instead, but the name is Donald Duck pond so that would not be good.

We will leave the sketch as it is. We decorated it and it is ready to go to school. And perfect for all our classmates to see.

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