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5 Facts On South Africa

Here are 5 facts on South Africa that I learned and that you may not know.

  1. In the entire continent of Africa, there are less than 25,000 rhinos left. There are only that much left because animal hunters hunt them a lot.
  2. In SA the most used language is English.
  3. In SA, before 1994, all the presidents were white.
  4. Nelson Mandala was the first balck president in SA.
  5.  SA has three capital cities which are Cape Town (We are there right now!), Pretoria, and Bloefontein.

My Buddy

Hi everybody! I’m back! Today I’m going to talk about my buddy, Molly. Molly is a kind girl and is very smart . Even though she is younger than me, she raises her hand way more then I do . She is in a younger grade than me and is very smart . Even though she didn’t know all of the words, she still was able to retell the story .

I also really like Molly because every time I see her, she is wearing a different hairstyle which always is matching whatever she is wearing . Her mom or who ever helps her choose clothes, sure has a good taste in picking clothes .

One more reason I like her is because all her projects and writing she has showed me and Katelyn are all very detailed and colorful . In one of her pieces, she wrote about when her house was under construction. I really liked all the effort she put in just one drawing of a worker carrying a table. I also like how she did not finish everything, but already knew what she was going to write already.

6 Word Stories

Here are some 6 word stories that I came up. Can you guess what the back story is?

  1. Frantically, hands shaking, my heart pounding.
  2. A new land, a new life
  3. New home, New adventures, New memories
  4. Home is where your stories begin
  5. I was scared, so were you
  6. I was born but never lived
  7. I tried I succeeded I’m happy
  8. look up and find your dreams
  9. I’m speaking, no words come out
  10. Smile and maybe happiness will come

More Information About Me!

What I’m terrified of: slugs, worms, snails, skunks, swim scores, spiders, and public speaking/ speaking in front of not family people.

What I absolutely adore: unicorns, fluffy things, soft things, cats, kittens, emoji’s, rainbows, Pusheen things, Wunzies, cute things, friends.

Favorite Desserts: ice cream, smoothies, cookies (Chocolate Chip), sundaes, mochi, ice pops, s’mores,  milk/white chocolate, cupcakes, jello, brownies, fudge, caramel,  cakes,  frosted cookie brownies.

Favorite flavored ice cream: Mint Chip

Favorite books: Wonder and Auggie and me.

Places I’ve Been To: Fuzhou, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Inner Mongolia, Argentina, Jamaica, Nepal, Canada, Italy, London, Paris, New Zealand, Beijing, Kunming, Mexico, Morocco, Dominican Republic, and lots more that I will add on later if I remember. Me in London!! with sister and mom:

ENJOY! And hope you love my blog! 🙂


It is almost Christmas and I am super excited about that. For Christmas I’m going to some place in South Africa because my grandpa’s friend invited us to go there. I think it be hot, but I really have no clue. If anyone has been to South Africa before please comment down below and share your experiences. It would be cool to see what you think about Africa and know all your experiences. If anyone’s going somewhere, I would really like to know and maybe tell you about it if I’ve been there before.  I found on the web a picture of South Africa so you peeps can tell me if you have been there or not:

Image result for south africa
(South Africa)

Also for Christmas, I made a wish list and wished for a bunch of things, but I don’t remember what those are. What did you wish for? for Christmas it is normally hanging out with your family and having a good Christmas. I love doing things with my family especially traveling with them to the places I have never been to before. what I’m really worried about is whether or not there will be any disgusting bugs or critters crawling around.  🙁


ENJOY! And hope you like my blog! 🙂

Roller Coaster Life Blurb

Here’s a blurb on another of my writing pieces. ENJOY! 🙂

“Bring!” the lunch bell rang. I was finally saved. As we walked outside of the classroom, All of the 4th graders ran like the wind to get their lunches like it was some kind of “who ever gets to the lunchroom first wins” competition. It was the first day of school and we were told to bring our lunches instead of getting the provided lunches that we had to pay before school started. I gathered up my things and followed them inside a noisy filled room. We were eating lunch with the second graders, I figured. When I looked around for a seat (since nobody really wants a new kid to sit at their table) I spotted my sister, Sarina, sitting among a handful of girls. They looked like they were having so much fun. I should’ve known that Sarina was a better friend maker than I was. She had made friends before in camp like in 5 min. I felt tears come to my eyes, but blinked them back not wanting them to roll down my cheeks, after all I didn’t want to be embarrassed. My sister was amazing and I was not. “ Sad, just plain boring sad.” I thought to myself thinking about how good it would be surrounded by friends laughing and hanging out with you.                                                                                                                                    Click here to read more! 🙂

I’m Back! ;)

Hi ! It’s been such a long time since I’ve blogged last and I’m so happy to blog at last again! The best part is that we saw Wonder at school for a field trip I saw it already, but I would love to see it again in case I missed anything important.  If anybody has not seen Wonder yet, then I recommend it. If you saw it already,  and did not cry, I personally think that you have no soul.  I always think that the movie is not as good as the book, but I think Wonder ( the movie) was better than the book.

My summer was great because I went all the way to China to visit my grandpa and grandma. Their house is always as big as it is the last time I go there, but sometimes I feel as if their house is always getting larger when I’m not there. This year my dad’s side’s mom and dad got their house re-constructed, so when I got there, it looked a whole lot different! this summer I also went to The Great Wall of China. Climbing it was really hard ,but I’m glad that I was able to climb at least some of it.

I had said before that my favorite color was pink, but now I actually don’t know what it is.  I am in the Badgers Swim Club instead of the JCC (Jewish Community Center) swim classes now and I am so proud that I got in!:) I’m going to talk about my swim experiences more in another post,  so hope you guys see that soon!:) I don’t exactly know what I’m going to post next, but when I do, I’m going to definitely include you people on some interesting things that happened lately, swim things, and maybe a little more about my life.

I hope you enjoy my blog and have a great time reading it! 🙂



Hey guys, this is a blurb about my writing:

Suddenly POOF! They weren’t with me anymore,  “I was just with them a minute ago!” I thought to myself. I looked around frantically, hands shaking and sweating, my heart beating so loud that I could hear it. I jumped as high as I could to see if I could spot them. “There they are!” I shouted to myself and ran for them, but in the crowd and over the sea of people, they disappeared within a blink…               Click here to read more: ENJOY! 🙂