October 23


Bored. Bored. Bored. I have nothing to do now besides posting so now I’m sitting intechnology posting. This post is going to be super boring if you wanted to know. And now I’m going to end it and I’m not going to say the stuff i usually say because you people out there who are reading this probably aren’t going to bother to read this anyways. So like I said, i going to end this now. Bye. if you did read this, you basically wasted your time on boring stuff and now is the official bye.

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October 22

Finished waterproof switch!!!

After a long time,ย  I finally finished my switch! it is quite small but not that small. I colored it in the end and the colors are purple in the middle, gold in the sides andย  black on the tip.ย  We had to make circuits and we stuck tose in th flashlights. I’m so happy I accomplished it.



Hope you enjoyed this post! ๐Ÿ™‚

October 12

solder person

In tech like I posted before,ย  we did solder people. I think that mine turned out pretty great. every body in our class did one and i thought everybody did super good. But here is the bad news, when i brought it home, its arm broke off. so now my person is an armless person

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October 4


hi guys so during the week, we also made switches. In total everyone made three switches. The materials that I used were cardboard, tinfoil, popsicle sticks, tape,hole puncher, scissors, and straws. I had a lot of fun making the switches.

bye! ๐Ÿ™‚

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October 1

Swim update. Not that anyone cares.

This is kind of an update. So instead of 3 days a week now for swimming I have to do four. Before the days were Monday Wednesday, and Saturday. Now my mom kind of forced me to do another day because she says that I will never get better if I donโ€™t. So the new day is Friday. Itโ€™s so sad that it has to be Friday because after I do a tiring 2 hours, the next day I have to wake up so early and then do another 12 and a half hours in a freezing outdoor pool! So annoying! And they said the outdoor pool is supposed to be 80 degrees warm, but it feels terrible!

Anyways thats it for today! Hope you liked this post! ๐Ÿ™‚

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September 14

Sixth Grade :)

Hey guys! So Today is finally the last day of the second week of sixth grade! Every thing has been going well so far and all the teachers are really nice. I think my favorite academic teacher is either Mrs. Holtzer(science teacher) or Mrs. Madoff(math teacher)-just saying if you other academic teachers are reading this, please don’t take this personally.- I think thatย  my favorite non academic teacher is either Mr. Calvert (technology teacher) or Mr. Rotjan (orchestra teacher). I really like the other teachers too, but these are just my four favorite teachers.


On the first few days, I got lost, but I’m pretty sure s lot of people did since it was the first day, but after that everything went pretty well. I am enjoying a lot of sixth grade even though I have heard a lot of bad rumors about it but (in my perspective) none of what I heard is true. I also learned a lot of pretty cool stuff like in my last post about the atoms that I learned in technology. I think I will have a great time in sixth grade and hopefully I make lots of new friends! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope you guys liked this post! ๐Ÿ™‚

March 1

Burglar Break

Hi guys!

So at recess Carly, Sophie, and I started chasing Katelyn and then we started making up this game because then we started to chase Jenny and Chloe L .

How you play Burglar Break is there are 3-4 burglars/criminals and the rest are catchers or guards. The catchers catch the burglars and bring them to the jail where the guards guard them in case they escape. Sometimes if another burglar is not tagged and you are on your way to the jail ( if you are a burglar), that burglar can try to get you free by pulling you away from the catchers grasp. Also if you are lucky enough, you can sneak away if the guard of the jail is not watching. When all of the burglars are caught and put into jail, the game is over.

I played with Jenny, Chloe L., Sophie, Lotus, Carly, Katelyn, and Elizabeth and it was really fun.

Hoped you like this post! ๐Ÿ™‚

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February 20

Chinese New Year

Hi everybody! So today I am going to be posting about Chinese New Year. Chinese new Year was on the 16th of February. I missed school that day because Chinese new year is a very important holiday for my family and many other families. In China, it is a day to spend time with family members.

My family had a Chinese New Year dinner party with all of our closest friends. It was really fun. Also we got to stay up late because it was Chinese New Year. before the dinner party though, we watched a CCTV Chinese New Year Gala on TV.

Hope you ENJOYED this post! ๐Ÿ™‚

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