December 24

South Africa Safari

 On the 23rd of December, we went to a Safari in South Africa for Christmas break and it was really fun. The bad news was that we had to wake up at 4:00 AM because the animals would not come out if it was too hot. The safari was in Kruger park and it was really hot. Also, the place we slept in was sort of like a tree house except it was a tent and had bugs crawling all around it. The shower place was not really private because there was no doors to and the place had no doors and was really  weird.  I hated that place even though the food was pretty good.

Here are some of the pictures that my mom took on the trip:





We also saw 3 turtles, a lot of impalas, a few rhinos, 2 hippos, 4 baboons, 1 lion, 2 boars,  I recommend going there or in George,  South Africa . That day we also went to third largest canyon (Bryde Canyon) in the world. It is also the most green one in the world.