Tech 7 Post #2: Boxes

Hey guys, we have recently started to make our boxes in technology. We started with planning the dimensions of our box and what we want  it to be used from. The dimensions of my box are as follows: 5in. Tall, 5in. Wide, and 8.5in. Length. I want the box to be used to hold important personal items such as photos or momentous. I also want my box to have a latch on the back and hinges on the back. Lastly, I want my box to have felt in it so it looks nicer and for it to be stained. After we did this we stated to draw the pieces of our box on cardboard as a mock draft of the real wooden one. We used a scroll saw to cut the pieces of wood and then we taped the pieces of cardboard together to get my mock box. Ill be posting again soon about my book, bye!

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