June 4

E-Learning Friday June 5th

Good morning!

I’m so excited to jump right in and share the surprises that are waiting for you! We have our zoom scheduled for 9:30 to celebrate Isabella’s birthday and meet with BookClubs. You have Dr.Schultz & Mr.Weber at 10:30, Ms. Sorensen at 2:30, and a VERY SPECIAL Buddy Zoom at 11am!  This is going to be an awesome Friday!


YOU ARE ALMOST DONE! Third-grade writers, you are so close to finishing your awesome fantasy stories! We will be editing next week so use this time to polish your work and be sure it is all typed into a doc in your writing folder. This week’s lessons had many examples for you to lean on – go back to the lessons as needed and plan to talk with at least one classmate to get feedback. 

Virtual Classroom Day!

The Virtual Classroom is back! All of the links for your lesson work is on these slides. Be sure to watch the introductory video to learn how to access and navigate this classroom. 

  1. Click to enter the Grade 3 Google Classroom
  2. You will notice there are 5 rooms. One introductory room and one classroom for each teacher. There are links inside each of the rooms to various activities. Click everywhere! You’ll be surprised how many NEW links are hidden 🙂
  3. There are two REQUIRED activities today:

1st REQUIRED:  Seesaw assignment called, “What do you See, Think, Wonder about the Panorama of the City of New York at the Queens Museum?”

2nd REQUIRED: Math Lesson found in Mrs. Mangan’s classroom. Click on the video on the Smartboard. Today you will be looking at your data and completed graphs to ask questions and draw conclusions. You will need to listen closely to the lesson today to understand your tasks and to hear examples.

      • Watch the lesson video
      • Look for the slides, Graphing Project: Day 3 in your Math folders on Drive 
      • Complete slides 7,8, 13 and 16. Write directly onto the slides in your math folder.

The rest of the activities are yours to choose. Maybe go on a scavenger hunt? Can you find these items? There are many more than what is listed. Have fun!

  • A NEW survey
  • A fish tank with a mystery
  • A read-aloud 
  • An adorable bird 
  • A subway 
  • Louis Armstrong
  • A slingshot
  • A GRAPHic novel
  • A Wonderful World
  • Toy Story’s “You Got a Friend in Me”
  • Balloon Pop Line Plot

See you all at 9:30!

MsBoyer xo





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