June 2

E-Learning Wednesday June 3rd

Good morning!

It was so nice to visit with you all from our classroom yesterday. I enjoyed seeing some of our favorite spots and talking with you about good memories from this year! Today I am back at Heathcote to finish the packing process and will be zooming with you all at 10:30 to read an awesome picture book about NYC (before it was called NYC). You also have a 2:30 Library Broadcast zoom with Ms. Sorensen. 

Planner’s ready? Let’s get started…

MATH: Graphing Project Day 1 

Graphing Project Day 1: Slides to Share also in your math folder 

Graphing Project: Day 1 Video Lesson with Mrs. Mangan


Today you will be introduced to a new graphing project. The first part of the project is to craft a survey question and then create a Google Form as a way to collect data. Then you will be sharing your survey link on a common Google Sheet. Lastly, you will be checking back to the Google Sheet to take your classmate’s surveys. Be sure to answer all of your classmates’ surveys and then you can branch out to the rest of the grade. 

  1. Brainstorm 2 survey questions (Slide 6)
  2. Choose 1 final question (Slide 7)
  3. Create Google Form 
  4. Share Google Form to Google Sheet (Slide 10) or Grade 3 Survey Questions Google Sheets 
  5. Take classmates’ surveys 



Today you will be continuing your tour of New York City. Next stop,Queens!

Watch the video below to learn more about Queens and its location. Learn about some of the neighborhoods, and one specifically, Chinatown in Flushing.

Introductory Video with Mrs DeGrazia

  • Watch video about Queens
  • Watch videos on slide 11~ Chinatown and neighborhoods of Queens
  • Complete assignments on Seesaw – check Activities tab

Queens Slides also in your Social Studies Folder


WRITING: Paying attention to the middle

Third-grade writer’s today’s work is all about the details. You will be reaching back into prior lessons, using mentor texts, and Pixar videos. All that you have been learning to do as a writer, will be put to use today. There is nothing to hand in today, however, you should be starting to type your story (or ask someone to help you type) as it is easier to share with classmates that way. We will be publishing next week! Wahoo! 

  • Watch the introductory video
  • Review any prior lessons if needed
  • Write the middle of your story, paying close attention to the details
  • Type your story (or ask someone to help you) 

Imaginative Narrative #8 Video

Imaginative Narrative #8 Slides 


And to help you stay organized…


  • ELA – Reading 
    • Book club padlet
  • Writing – Imaginative Narrative #8
    • Begin typing up your story. Don’t forget to include your introduction and now focus on your middle.
  • Math
    • Watch Graphing Project Day 1 Tutorial
    • Begin thinking of two options for your survey question and then choose 1
    • Create a Google Form in your Math Folder 
    • Share it on the Grade Google Sheet that has been shared with you
    • Begin answering your peers’ surveys
  • Social Studies
    • Watch tutorial on Queens
    • Watch video on Slide #11
    • Complete Seesaw Activity
  • Words Their Way
    • Continue practicing Words Their Way activities


See you all at 10:30!

MsBoyer xo


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