June 10

E-Learning Thursday June 11th

Good morning!

I hope you all enjoyed the time to catch up with your work yesterday and perhaps participated in the field day activities as well! I am LOVING your fantasy stories and book trailers. Remember, you MUST have your book trailer and story ready to publish to the Padlet at the same time – you will not have the opportunity to edit and add. We will talk about this more in our zoom session this morning. 

You have a 9:00am zoom with Mr. Borgia and either the 10:00am or 11:00am small group with our class. The day ends with Ms.Sorensen at 2:30 with library broadcast. 

Planner’s ready? Let’s get started…


MATH: Classifying Quadrilaterals 

Lesson Video with Mrs. Mangan

As we continue our geometry journey we will be thinking about parallel lines and a type of polygon, the quadrilateral. Listen closely to the lesson to learn about how to classify (organize) quadrilaterals and practice your new learning today through BrainPopJr. 

  1. Watch lesson video
  2. Log into Brainpop using G-Suite
  3. Complete Assignment on Quadrilaterals 
    1. Watch Video
    2. Complete Quiz/Quizzes
  4. Looking for more? Color in the Quadrilateral Robot 


WRITING: Publishing Your Book and Trailer

Today you will be creating your own Adobe Spark Videos. You’ve finished your scripts, they’ve been approved by your teacher and you are ready to go! Watch the lesson to remind yourselves about login directions and how to use Adobe Spark Video.

  1. Log in to Adobe Spark Video through the Heathcote Gateway 
  2. Create a new video project from scratch
  3. Create your trailer using your script 
  4. Download your trailer to your computer
  5. Upload your trailer to the Writing folder in your Drive
  6. Share the trailer with your teacher when you are done 🙂

When you are ready to publish your book trailer to the “3rd Grade Fantasy Writing 2020” Padlet, watch this tutorial below. It will give you a step by step guide for you to follow and learn how to publish both your writing and your book trailer to the grade-wide padlet. We suggest you watch the video through to the end and then when you are ready to follow the steps, go back and watch portions of the video, press pause, complete that step and press unpause to learn the next step. We cannot wait to see your completed projects! Good luck 3rd Grade Writers!

Publishing Tutorial Video with Mrs. Luciano 


Today you will watch a video to learn more about the borough of Manhattan. This video will focus mainly on the southern tip of Manhattan. You will also see some fascinating pictures connecting downtown New York, then and now. Enjoy the virtual tours of Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty. 

Manhattan with Mrs.DeGrazia (the slides are in your social studies folder)

  • Watch the video to learn about Manhattan
  • Watch the video to learn more about NYC
  • Explore Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty virtual tours
  • Complete the Seesaw activity on Manhattan
  • Go to Epic and check out some books from you NYC collection assigned
  • An optional resource to learn more about  NEW AMSTERDAM STORIES

And to help you stay organized…


  • Book Club ~ read 30 minutes
    • Reading Bingo Board Activity~ include your book title and board number
    • Post to Seesaw
  • Writing – Imaginative Narrative
      • Watch Mrs. Luciano’s tutorial very carefully- You will need to pause the video many times along the way
      • Publish your story and Trailer on the 3rd Grade padlet
  • Math
    • Watch Tutorial on Quadrilaterals
    • Watch Brainpop jr Video
    • Complete quiz
    • Color your robot
  • Social Studies
    • Watch the video about Manhattan
    • Watch the links on slide 20 and explore Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty virtual tours
    • Complete Seesaw activity on Manhattan

I will see you all later!

MsBoyer xo

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