June 11

E-Learning Friday June 12th

Good morning! 

The grade Padlet is looking good! If you’ve finished your script, please let me know so I can approve it and you can get on with making your trailer. 

Our zoom is at 9:30 this morning (don’t be late) and then you have Mr. Weber and Dr. Schultz at 10:30. Library Broadcast with Ms. Sorensen is at 2:30. 

Virtual Classroom Day!

The Virtual Classroom is back for the last time! All of the links for your lesson work is on these slides. Be sure to watch the introductory video to learn how to access and navigate this classroom. 

  • Click to enter the Grade 3 Google Classroom
  • You will notice there are 5 rooms. One introductory room and one classroom for each teacher. There are links inside each of the rooms to various activities. Click everywhere! You’ll be surprised how many NEW links are hidden 🙂


  • You will have to Log in to websites like IXL, Brainpop and Epic.



    •  2nd REQUIRED: Math Lesson found in Mrs. Luciano’s classroom. Click on the video on the Smartboard. This video will give you information on how to access and complete all of the activities for today for math.
      • Watch the lesson video
      • Complete all of the Khan Academy videos and practice pages on the left-hand side of the page
      • Complete the Seesaw activity called, “Quadrilateral Sort

The rest of the activities are yours to choose from. Maybe go on a scavenger hunt? Can you find these items? There are many more than what is listed. Have fun! 

  • A NEW survey
  • A mysterious Mars
  • A read-aloud
  • Rubber bands
  • A rollercoaster 
  • Solve Me Mobiles
  • Math Xplosion Video
  • Kakooma
  • Secrets of The Statue Of Liberty
  • Ride the Cyclone 
  • A book on Hip-Hop
  • Tour the NYC subway

I’ll see you all at 9:30!

MsBoyer xo


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