June 4

E-Learning Thursday June 4th

Good morning!

I loved sharing the book On the Day Peter Stuyvesant Sailed into Town with you yesterday. That is one of my favorite books about New York. After our discussion, I started to look into facts about the NYC subway system and I’m excited to share some of that with you next week. 

This morning we have our small group zoom sessions – this is NOT optional – so please choose one and plan on attending to discuss more facts about NYC, talk bookclubs, and share what’s new with you. 

You also have a make-up zoom – Music class with Ms.Bescherer at 1:00pm and a zoom Library Broadcast at 2:30 with MsSorensen. 

Planner’s ready?  Let’s get started…

MATH: Graphing Project- Day 2

Today is an exciting day… you get the results of your surveys! Watch the lesson carefully to see how to get your data, how to fill out a data table, and how to fill out each graph. 

Graphing Project Day 2 Video with Mrs. Mangan

  1. Take some additional surveys: Grade 3 Survey Questions 
  2. Get your results from your Google Form 
  3. Complete the data table on Slide # 6 (Slides are in your Math Folder called, “Graphing Project: Day 2”
  4. Choose one or more graph to represent your data 
    1. Graphing Templates are in your Math Folders to edit with Kami
    2. Graphing Templates to Print. Show on Seesaw or June E-Learning Slideshow 

SOCIAL STUDIES: Queens part 2

Watch today’s video to learn a lot more about Queens and some amazing landmarks it has to offer. As we’ve learned in yesterday’s presentation, Queens is a very large borough. There is so much to see and do and its history is just remarkable!

Queens Day 2 Video with Mrs. DeGrazia

Queens Day 2 Slides – also in your social studies folder 

  • Watch the video to learn more about Queens
  • Watch three videos on slide 20: Queens Museum, US Open, World Fair 1964
  • Complete Cultural Universal bubble map on Seesaw


WRITING: Wrapping it all up

Writers, you have reached the end! Literally, it is now time to start writing the end of your fantasy story. Watch the introductory video to learn about different ways you might end your story. And much like the introduction, it is best to try out a few different endings before choosing the one that fits your story best. If you haven’t started typing your story yet, please make that a priority today. You can ask for help with the typing if that makes it easier for you. 


 And to help you stay organized…


  • ELA – Reading book clubs
    • Choose a new reading bingo board activity
    • Post to seesaw and make sure you share what activity you are doing
  • Writing – Imaginative Narrative 
    • Watch tutorial
    • Use slides as mentor texts
    • Write at least two different endings and choose one that fits your story best
    • Share it on Seesaw if you finish it today
  • Math Graphing Day 2
    • Watch the tutorial
    • Get your results from your Google Form
    • Complete data table on slide 6 (slideshow in your Math Folder)
    • Choose which graph you will use: pictograph, line plot or bar graph 
    • Complete Graph – print option or use Kami
  • Social Studies – Queens Day 2
    • Watch tutorial
    • Watch three additional videos (Queens Museum, US Open and World’s Fair 1964) found on slide 20
    • Complete Seesaw Activity
  • Words Their Way
    • Continue to practice the activities


See you all later!

MsBoyer xo

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