June 1

E-Learning Tuesday June 2nd

Good morning!

I hope you enjoyed the Wellness Day yesterday and enjoyed getting caught up with all of your other teachers. 

Today’s zoom sessions are:

9:30 am zoom packing session – come hang out with me while I pack up the classroom – I sent the link to you via email

1:00pm zoom with MrCasal – this is not optional. He will be reviewing Adobe Video for a project related to your fantasy stories.

2:30 Library broadcast zoom with MsSorensen 


Planner’s ready? Let’s get started…

MATH: Line Plots

  • Watch this tutorial to learn more about how to take data and present it in another graph called a line plot. 
  • Make sure you watch the entire tutorial from beginning to end, as you will be instructed on how to create a line plot and what is expected of you for your independent task.
  • Complete workbook page 146

Line Plot Tutorial with Mrs. Luciano 

Copy and Paste Option: Workbook page 146

Print Option: Workbook page 146

 Have fun exploring some different sites to reinforce your understanding of line plots:

Khan Academy – Line Plots

Line Plot Balloon Pop

Practice IXL: U: Data and Graphs: #9-11


WRITING: Writing an Introduction 

Third graders this is important work! The introduction grabs the reader’s attention and gets them interested in your story. Watch the introductory video CAREFULLY then review the slides to take a closer look at the many ways you can choose from to try your hand at writing your introduction.

  • Watch the introductory video
  • Review the slides and choose at least 3 ways to write an introduction – try it out. 
  • Post your final choice to See Saw and tell us about your process. 

Imaginative Narrative #7 Video

Imaginative Narrative #7 Slides



Today you will be continuing your tour of New York City. Next stop, Staten Island! 


Space X Launch:

Launch Video 

Bonus: See Think Wonder to Print

Go to SeeSaw to complete the activity there if you choose not to print it out 



And to help you stay organized:


  • ELA – Book Club
    • Read assigned agreed-upon amount of your fantasy book
    • Complete a bingo board activity 
    • Present it on Seesaw 
  • Writing – Imaginative Narrative #7
    • Watch the tutorial
    • Write your fantasy introduction
    • Upload it to seesaw (under the activities tab)
  • Math
    • Watch tutorial
    • Complete workbook page 146
    • Access the links (Line Plot Balloon Pop, Khan Academy, and IXL) to reinforce your learning
  • Social Studies
    • Watch the tutorial and additional two videos
    • Complete the seesaw activity assigned to you
  • Words Their Way
    • Begin working on the assignments for your spelling sort
  • Just for fun 
    • Go back and revisit Virtual Classroom (Social Studies Folder) – continue to explore various links you didn’t get to on Friday
    • Watch the SpaceX shuttle launch from this past weekend
    • Complete the See, Think, Wonder Seesaw Activity


Have a great morning!

MsBoyer xo


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