May 29

E-Learning Friday May 29th

Good morning! 

Happy Friday! Today’s  Zooms:

  • 9:30  Book Clubs
  • 10:30 Instrumental Music
  • 2:30 Library

Notes About Next Week

  1. Monday is a wellness day. All activities will be provided by the district. Your parents will be getting an e-mail about the menu of activities available to you. Have fun and be well!
  2. Tuesday we will not have a Zoom class due to the fact that I am spending the day cleaning out our classroom and packing up your materials for you to take home  But you will still have Mr. Casal at 1:00pm
  3. All specials’ pages can be found here: Heathcote Gateway E-Learning Plans


Virtual Classroom Day!

Today is going to be a fun day. The third-grade team has created a virtual classroom where all the links for your lesson work is in our virtual classroom. Be sure to watch the introductory video to learn how to access and navigate this new classroom. PLEASE  NOTE:  THIS  WAS  SHARED  WITH  YOU IN  EMAIL  AS  THERE  WAS  A TECH  ISSUE.  HAVE  FUN!!

  1. Check your S.S. folder in Drive for slides called, “Grade 3 Classroom.”
  2. You will notice there are 5 rooms. One introductory room and one classroom for each teacher. There are links inside each of the rooms to various activities. Click everywhere! You’ll be surprised how many links are hidden 
  3. There are two REQUIRED activities today:
    • 1st REQUIRED: The S.S. lesson in the first room. Click on Mrs. DeGrazia to hear her message. Watch the 3 videos on the board and then complete the Seesaw assignment called, “Postcard to a Tourist or to Your Teacher…”

    •  2nd REQUIRED: The math lesson in Ms. Luciano’s Room about Pictographs. Watch the lesson (in her smartboard) and then complete the math workbook pages (on her bookshelf)

The rest of the activities are yours to choose. Maybe go on a scavenger hunt? Can you find these items? There are many more than what is listed. Have fun!

  • A survey
  • A singing snowman
  • A Mardi Gras celebration
  • Elephants
  • Harry Potter
  • Pictograph games

On this day in 1953 : Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay of Nepal become the first explorers to reach the top of Mount Everest. Due to the amount of time it took to descend the mountain it was June 2nd before the rest of the world were told about the conquest. Michele Koppes is an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia who uses glaciology and geomorphology to study climate and changing landscapes (that’s all sophisticated science talk for studies of the physical features of the earth). Watch this video and hear how Michele explains HOW Mt. Everest was formed – fascinating science! 

See you all at 9:30!

MsBoyer xo


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