Capstone#5 My Main Inquiry Question Essay

For Capstone we have to do an essay about our main inquiry question. My essay was about how libraries have adapted to technology since that was my main inquiry question. This essay will help us when doing our projects so we had to work really hard on them. Here is my essay.

Technology is a really big part of our lives. Have you ever thought about how everyday places have adapted to technology? Well, do you know how libraries have adapted to technology? The main ways libraries have adapted to technology are how librarians training is adapting to technology, how libraries are embracing computers, and how libraries are now also technology centers.

The first main way libraries have adapted to technology is how librarians training is now different and changing to fit with the new era of technology. One example of this is how librarians now have to know all new tech. People come into the library for help. One of the librarians I interviewed, Eileen Corbett a Scarsdale Public Librarian says, “Sometimes grandparents will come in trying to email their grandchildren, [but] they don’t know how to use email.”  This shows that some people are not fully updated with technology so librarians have to keep up with the times for other people’s sake. Another example is that libraries have places where you can come to ask librarians questions about technology. One library that has this is the Westport library. When interviewing Margaret Pastel a Westport public librarian, she showed me one of the many places in that library where you can go to ask questions about technology on a daily basis. They also have special events where they have specialists come to help with technology problems help but most of the time it is just the local librarians. This shows that libraries have to be almost specialists and know all the latest technology.

Another way libraries have adapted to technology is they have embraced computers. One example of this is now you can access your local library catalog from home. This is useful because if you are on holiday or it is late at night you can check if a book is in or if they even have that book without waiting to go the library. This is different to before when you would have to search through cards to find a book. Another example is you can go to the library to use a computer if you don’t have one at home. According to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, people use library computers for job/college applications, contacting family, school work, searching the internet and much more. Many people use library computers in poorer areas because they may not own their own computer so a library is there only way to access the internet.

My final way that libraries have adapted to technology is how in some libraries there is more technology than books. In some libraries there are only a few bits of technology but in most, at least ⅓ of the library is technology. One example of this is the bibliotech library in San Antonio, Texas. This library has absolutely no books. It opened in 2013 and According to Web Box Tech is one of the world’s first ever bookless library. This shows that some libraries have completely left books in the past. Another example is Do Space. Do Space is a library in Omaha, Nebraska. It is only filled technology as well. However, Do Space is different to Bibliotech because it has more advanced technology like laser cutters and the latest 3d printers.These libraries show that a library isn’t just a place filled with books.

Libraries have adapted to technology in 3 main ways. How librarian training is changing, how they have embraces computers, and how libraries are turning into technology centers. In all, all of these things show how “Libraries aren’t just books, they are an information centers” – Eileen Corbett. Libraries are now not just rows and rows of dusty books, they are now places where people can go for all sort of information and help.

I hope you enjoyed my essay. I worked quite hard on it and this was probably the hardest blog post yet.

6 thoughts on “Capstone#5 My Main Inquiry Question Essay”

  1. I like how you put a conclusion after the essay conclusion. Your essay was very clear and had very good evidence.

  2. I like how you added a lot of facts to your essay and I also liked your hooks in the beggining and the end.

  3. I learned a lot from your essay. You had a lot of information, but if I had something to say, I would say that some parts of the essay I didn’t really understand what the different technology was for. Overall, I thought that you did really great!

  4. Nice explaining in your intro to your essay. However, you definitely could of added more information, how about talking about your process of writing the essay? You revised your intro and your conclusion in your essay which was good, but I’m trying to push you by asking, can you bump it up a little more (I know you can)? You have pretty good evidence, but you could work on your elaboration, especially your first and third body paragraph. In your second body paragraph, your first example is great! It has a great example and great elaboration. Overall, I think your essay is good, but you can always keep on working on it, because nothing is perfect. Nice job!

  5. I think that you did pretty well on this blog post. I think that you should write more about the process before your essay. I think your essay was interesting and I learned so many new things from reading it. Overall, you did great. Awesome work!

  6. I really like your topic. I also like how you added a quote at the end for your conclusion. Overall I think you did a really good job.

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