Basketball Tournament In Boston

Basketball Tournament In Boston

By Andrew


My basketball team and I went to Boston because we won most of our games during the regular season. All of the teams were from New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Some of the kids on my team didn’t think we would do good because the other teams were from three different states. We played our first game and blew them out, everyone on my team had a very good game everyone was very energized, everyone contributed into our win.

We won the second game too, we played a team that was a little better than us but we beat them by one with six seconds left we only won because we worked together and put in effort.

We played one more game and beat them by fifteen points we played a good game because we had a good night of rest the night before.

After all of the games we played I thought we were like the underdogs because we had won all of our other games but we didn’t think we were going to do good.

We made it to the championship game they had a very athletic player who could shoot from anywhere my team also had a very athletic player, but everyone was having a bad game and no one could guard the very athletic player. For example, we threw lazy passes, took bad shots, our point guards weren’t playing well either they weren’t protecting the ball. Everyone fell apart and no one could think about what they were doing. The other team won by twenty points, but they deserved to win because they just out worked us. In other words they worked harder than we did.

I felt upset that we lost but we did very well, but if we worked harder and if we weren’t so tired we could of won. I also felt very happy because even if we lost in the finals we still made it to the finals and won all of our other games.

Isaac Newton Biography

Isaac Newton was one of the most famous scientists. He was a physicist, mathematician and astronomer.  He was born in England in 1643. His father was a farmer who died right before he was born. His mother remarried when he was 3 years old and left him with his grandparents. At 17, he went to study at Cambridge University.  The school closed for two years because of the plague and Isaac Newton went back home and developed his theories. He returned to the school when it reopened and then became a Professor of Mathematics there.

He is best known for his universal law of gravitation and the 3 laws of motion which explains how and why things move. He is also one of the inventors of calculus, a kind of math and he  invented a new kind of telescope called the reflecting telescope. He worked at the Royal Mint in London and in 1703 was named the President of the Royal Society, an organization of scientists in London.  In 1705 he was knighted by Queen Anne. He died in 1727.




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4th Grade Reflection

We’re wrapping up the 4th grade year. We did a lot of things in 4th grade. We did different projects like toy theater, units like math and read aloud books.

We did a lot of projects like the curiosity project the curiosity project is when you choose any topic you want (I chose Hurricanes) and you have to write all about it, Toy Theater. Toy theater is when you get assigned a topic the topics are The Stamp Act, The Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party, The Midnight Ride and the Declaration Of Independence (I got the Boston Tea Party). Then you have to write the script, draw the puppets and color the backgrounds, Biography project. The biography project is when you choose a person from history (I chose George Washington) and write about them. When you’re done writing you make a stamp about that person, Ecosystem project. the ecosystems project is when you choose an ecosystem the choices are Tundra, Oceans, Temperate Rain Forests, Tropical Rain forest and Deserts. After we chose the ecosystem we had to research all about it then we made a video about it, extreme weather project. The extreme weather project was when you get assigned a topic and you have to research all about it and write a blog post, colonial america project. The colonial america project is when you pick a topic (I chose Blacksmiths) and research all about it. book of the month projects, essays, native american project, land and water projects. Those are most of the projects that I remembered that we did in 4th grade.

We had different read aloud books in 4th grade they were Book Scavenger, The Tiger Rising and Blood On The River.

My favorite subject is math because I like learning all of the different ways of doing math and because it is easy to learn (for me).

My favorite project is the curiosity project because you can choose any topic you want research about it and make a google slideshow about it.

My favorite read aloud was Book Scavenger because it had a lot of action and cliff hangers and because we had to try and solve the mystery ourselves.

Biographies Project – George Washington

George Washington


George Washington was the 1st president of America and a very important man during the American Revolution.


Early Life


George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 and his parents were Mary Ball Washington (from the 2nd marriage) and Augustine Washington. He had 5 brothers and 3 sisters (from both marriages). George grew up on the Mount Vernon plantation in Virginia He was able to read and write when he was 7 years old and he went to school. He became a surveyor, a surveyor is a person who maps out land to be bought and sold.


Adult Life


George Washington became an army major when he was 20 years old then he was elected to be commander of the Continental Army. George married Martha Dandridge Custis on January 6, 1759. On September 6, 1759. He signed the American Constitution on September 17, 1787. George became 1st president April 30, 1789. Then George ran for a 2nd term and he won by a numerous amount of votes.




George Washington had trouble battling the British and surviving the times when he wasn’t battling the British. When he was president he had to deal with 350 clerks and secretaries. He also had to grow up without his step brother who he really loved.




George Washington lead his army to victory to defeat the British and separate from England. He also became the 1st president and made America a brand new country. George helped solve many of the new country’s problems. George fought to help shape the United States. During his first term he traveled around to help foster a national spirit. Everybody thought George made such an impact of the new country they wanted him to run for second term.

Tundras Blog Post

In 4th grade we did an ecosystems project. First we had to choose an ecosystem, I chose Tundras. After we chose our ecosystem we had to research all about it. We divided our notebooks in to sections the sections were location, producers, consumers, decomposers, how it’s unique, human impact and fun facts. After that we took all of the information from human impact and started to put into WeVideo, then we started to organize the info into WeVideo. When the information was organized we put the images into the video. After the images were in and everything was good other people watched it and if 3 people said it was good we could put it on YouTube.


This is my video I hope you enjoy:

Tundra Blog Post

Tundras are important to the world. You might think the tundra is not important but it really is. If the temperature in the tundra increases significantly it will make the water level rise and that can really affect us. So look out for the tundra!

Tundras are located in New Hampshire, Russia, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Scandinavia, Antarctica, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Europe and Asia

Some of the most important consumers in the tundra are Wolves, Polar Bears, Snowy Owls, Arctic Foxes, Arctic Hares, Seals/Sea Lions, Walruses, Fish, Penguins and Oxen/Musk Oxen. Plus many more!

Some of the most important producers in the tundra are Grass, Lichen, Algae (pronounced al – g – ee), Moss, Pearlwort, Flowers and Bushes. Plus many more!

A decomposer in the tundra is Lichen.

Some predators in the tundra is Wolves, Arctic Foxes, Polar Bears, Birds, Fish and Whales. Plus many more!

Some of the prey in the tundra is Arctic Hares, Lemmings, Caribou, Krill and Fish. Plus many more!

Tundras are unique because tundras are Cold, Snowy and because tundras have no trees.

Some interesting facts about the tundra are the Alaska pipeline in the tundra is 800 miles long and tundras cover around 20% of Earth’s surface.

This is a food web I made about tundras.

Learning From Our Differences 4th Grade

On March 29 2018 Dennis Oehler came in for learning for our differences. He told us how he became physically disabled.

Dennis also played soccer before he was disabled. After he was disabled he learned to walk again and he said it took two to three months to start walking again and it took him two years to start running again.

After Dennis got hurt his friend told him to join the Paralympics. A few years after Dennis joined the Paralympics he set the record of the fastest 100 meter run in 1989.

This shows you that even if you are physically disabled you can still act like a normal person.

Colonial America Book Blog Post

The process of making my Colonial America book was: first I researched all about colonial times. Next I researched all about a blacksmith. After I had enough information on blacksmith I started to organize the information into my subtopics which are the tools that a blacksmith made, what tools the blacksmith used and the steps a blacksmith used to make things. After I organized my information I chose the information I would use in my chapter three. Then I would organize my information on index cards. After that I would start typing my Chapter 1. Then my Chapter 2 Then my Chapter 3. Then I would write the essay for Chapter 4. Then I would Type my Chapter 4 After I typed everything I added pictures.

The most challenging part of making the book was getting enough information so my book wasn’t to short and at the same time not to make it to long. Another part that was challenging for me was getting images because I didn’t have enough images to put in my book so I had to find more.

My favorite part of this book was writing my Chapter 3 because I got to make up my own characters name and what their personalities were like. My second favorite part of the book was researching for the subtopic what the blacksmith made because some of the things blacksmith made me surprised.

What I learned about myself as a reader, writer and a researcher was that I am good at researching and writing it down and then typing because I thought it would take me longer than it did.

If I did this again I would find more pictures than I did on this project because I didn’t have enough so I had to go back and find more pictures.

This is my Colonial America Book:

Colonial Day 2017

On December 15th 2017 4th grade had colonial day. The point of having colonial day was so that we could learn what it was like during the colonial times. In this piece of writing you will learn about what colonial day was like to me.

My favorite activity of colonial day was toys and games because we learned what games the colonial people played with. Also how they had very little amount of toys.

One thing that I learned about the colonial people is that they didn’t have machines to make anything and that they had to use a spinning wheel for example. Also that it took them hours and hours just to make one piece of clothing.

One thing I want to learn about the colonial times is that, why were the punishments in school have to embarrass the person who was getting punished.

Colonial times is different than now because back then they didn’t have cars. They only way of transportation was a horse and wagon. Also they didn’t have technology to play or do other things on it.









This image shows that colonial people had to make all of there clothes with a spinning wheel.


Image result for hornbook

This image shows that colonial people could only use a horn book in school not a notebook or anything like that.