March 22

My Colonial America book reflection

I loved my colonial book! I chose my topic because I wanted to learn about colonial boy’s life and how it was different from our life today. What helped me a ton was our colonial day. It helped me a ton because I got to have an experence of what it was like. For example, they played catch with a ball made of leftover string. Today, we play catch with a football of another ball. Their freetime was like them playing with sticks and rocks. Today, we play on XBOX or do other things way different than what colonial times. We also have machines to help us. For example, we have a microwave to warm things up. Back in Colonial times, they would gather some stones and wood and make a fire and than warm up their food. I also enjoyed my book because it was very intresting to learn more about ancient times.

I think its cool how we evolved from chimpanzees to native americans and now to us today. For example, when we were chimpanzees we weren’t able to pick something up. Now, we can so easily pick something up. Also, our brains evolved so much. For example, we have an Xbox, 3D printer, and we made many more really advanced products.

I really enjoyed my Colonial America book! Check it out by clicking here.

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