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Kids Should Be Able To Have Desks!!!

Kids Should Be Able To Have Desks At School

By: Jackie Kershner


Some people say that kids having their own desks prevents them from learning, but it doesn’t. In fact, having your own desk does the opposite. Even though getting twenty to twenty five desks cost more than five or six tables, it helps kids and teachers in a lot of different ways. Kids should be able to have desks at school.


Kids should be able to have desks at school because it will help the teacher teach faster without kids talking to each other. When you sit at a desk you are farther apart from your classmates, and when you sit at a table you are only a couple of inches away from your classmates. That means more talking. I’ve seen kids talking to each other while the teacher is teaching, but the problem is having a table prevents the teacher from seeing you as easily. If you are sitting at the back of a table you might not be able to see the teacher and they might not be able to see you. If kids don’t understand something they might ask a neighbor and distract them and prevent them from learning too.


Kids should be able to have desks at school because it puts a big  responsibility on each them. Each person will have their own pencils and tools to work with. When you’re at a table everyone is in charge of everything and when that happens kids figure that  their friends will sharpen their pencils and organize their things, but they don’t. Everything gets so messy and you don’t have any pencils to use. Sometimes half of your pencils have gone on the floor missing or somewhere else. When you have a desk you are in charge of your own things and you are the one who will be in charge of your pencils and tools no one else, and kids would know that.


Some people say that it’s not worth it to buy desks, but I think it still is. Last of all kids should be able to have desks at school because it helps for tests and different things where kids need to know  the answers by themselves, instead of looking at someone else’s paper. When you are doing a test at a table you can see someone else’s answer because they are right next to you, but when you are at a desk, you cannot see someone’s paper. It also helps the kid not ask questions to a person at their table about the test. I’ve seen it happen all the time. You are doing a test and then someone asks you quietly, “Hey do you get this, I don’t get it, how did you get the answer?” That’s not right because you shouldn’t have someone else doing a test for you.


Having desks will help teachers in many ways and most of all it will help kids. Letting a kid do their own work and helping a teacher teach is much more important than going the cheaper way in this situation.


That is why kids need desks at school!


Girls Travel Basketball

Girls Travel Basketball

By: Jackie Kershner and Juliana Chavis


During the winter at Greenacres has always had Rec  basketball games and practices. We have always had  Rec basketball but why not travel, this question was not answered until this winter when a mother with a kid in fourth grade decided to make a travel team this year. Greenacres has formed a  fourth grade travel basketball team. We are practicing hard and trying our best so far we have played lots of games  but have lost all of them but we are still working hard. We have sports games at House Of Sports. There are about 14-11 girls on our team. There are five teams we can play. Our team will keep trying and keep on  having a great time our basketball games!

We will keep you posted on the score of the games