Archive | February 2019

Technology Post 4

Today we started making our “self driving cars.” I decided for my first switch to make something like a swing, but not exactly. I decided that on the bottom to make a straw, and cut a hole through the swing. When you mull down on the swing it will go through the straw. I am going to make my second switch simple and like a see saw. I think I’m going to make my third switch something similar to my second switch, but somehow different. I think self driving cars are so cool and have a large chance of being used everyday in the future. This project is so cool and a smart way to see how self driving cars actually work.

Technology Post 3

Today in class we learned how to light up a light bulb. We used three wires, a switch, a battery, and a light bulb. First we had to attach one wire to the light bulb, next we attached that wire to the switch. The we attached one of the wires from the battery onto the light bulb. Last we attached the last wire on the battery to the switch. Yay! A light appeared! This project helped me see how to create light and I really enjoyed it!


Technology Post 2

Did you know that self parking cars have been invented? People thought by now we would have self driving cars, but obviously they were wrong. In the article I read I read that self parking cars are able to determine if your car can fit in a spot. Self driving cars also fit the cars into spots that drivers never could have parked in. Self parking cars can stop a lot of accidents, and could be safer for drivers who aren’t skilled at parking.

Technology Post 1

This week Mrs. Mor came into out class for human rights day. She loves to make jewelry, and she wanted to saveĀ  animals especially elephants. She found a way do both. People are killing elephants for their tusks to make jewelry. There are seeds on trees that have the same material as elephants tusks. Instead of killing elephants you can just take the seeds and make the same jewelry! She is so creative and her jewelry was so cool and pretty.