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Technology Post- 9

I just told you about how I made my digram for my flashlight! Now i’ll tell you how I built my flashlight. First I cut my pipe. It was really scary! I had to line up my pipe with the saw machine, and make sure my pipe didn’t move while I sawed it. Next I drew holed in my pipe for the switch, and another hole in one of my caps where the light bulb will go. I had to measure the exact spot where the holes went according to my diagram. After that I sauterd. I was super scared, but it turned out to be so much fun. At last I put together my flashlight, and everything fit perfectly, I was able to decorate!

Technology Post- 8

I finished my flashlight! I’ll tell you about how I made my diagram. First we took a special type of grid paper. I drew my first cap first. It was really hard. I had to line up all of lines and measure the cap. Each square in the grid was 0.5 inches long. Then I drew my long pipe and I had to draw the overlap with the pipe and cap. Next I drew my other cap on the other side of the pipe. Once I was done with that I had to draw a line to indicate how long my pipe was. After that I drew the spots where my light bulb, switch, and battery were going to go. Finally I included all of the tools I needed to make my flashlight.

Technology Post 7

Today in class we made a breadboard. First we had to take the breadboard and measure which side on the light went longer. The longer side went of the positive side of the breadboard and the smaller side went on the negative side on the breadboard. We attached the light with smaller wires. At the end we attached our switches to the bread boards and they worked! Play the game was so fun!

Technology post 6

I am almost done with my soter person! All I have left is to soter. First we cut the wire into two parts, one big piece and one small. We took the long piece and bent in half and made a circle for the head. We had to twist one of the wires around the other one. That part was super hard and confusing. Next I bent the legs so that they could stand up by itself. I also bent the arms in a way that looked like they were doing the way. I am scared and excited to soter, and I hope everything goes alright!

Technology post 5

So far I have made 2 switches for my car game. I have tested them and they worked! I am making up my own third switch. There’s going to be a cardboard base and two cardboards walls on each side. A straw is going to go through the cardboard walls. I may make one end of the straw aluminum and one of the walls aluminum and somehow make them touch each other, but I’m deciding along the way. I thought this project was going to be hard and no fun, but it’s so much fun and involves a lot of creativity!