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Dash And Dot Project

Dash And Dot Reflection

We, (Jackie and Elliot,) worked together to try to close Chris’s locker. This was a very challenging goal for us. All together we think we did a great job but there were some difficulties along the way.

What we wanted was that the dash would get around a tissue box, and then it would come from an angle. The dash would bang into a Harry Potter book which we hoped would close Chris’s locker.

We also had some difficulties at other points. One problem was that dash would stop right in front of the locker and not hit it. Though that was rough our biggest problem was that dash was always slightly off and it hit the wrong locker. We tried all different angles but all of them were just a little off. Sometimes the dash would do it right one time but we just needed to fix one little thing, but after we tried it again and fixed that one little thing it was back to being bad again, but with a new problem. But altogether we worked to get things done and fix these problems together.

There were also successful things that we did. We made sure that we worked together as a team and that we both got to do little of everything. When something went wrong we worked together to make it right. And through all the tough challenges we triumphed over them. By the end we had, had a great experience and a great video. We worked together and actually closed Chris’s locker all the way, which was said never to be done before!

By: Elliot and Jackie