4 Blog post 7th

Recently I have been working on my box. Since my last post I have finished cutting all of my wood, I worked on making small cuts, and sanded all of the sides of my box. I have also glued together my 4 sides and sanded them with the belt sander. In the future I have to glue together my top and bottom, sand everything, cut my box, and stain it. When I glue on my top and bottom I have to be very carful. Right now they are to big and don’t fit well.


Blog post #3 Box Project reflection

Making the cardboard model helped me because  I was able to see what my box would look like in real life, instead of just imaging it. It also helped me make sure all of my measurement were correct, so that I wouldn’t mess up on my real wood. I feel confident using each tool. I understand how to use a ruler. At first the saws were confusing but after one try I got the hang of it. I haven’t used the sanding boards yet, but I understand how they work. A challenge that I faced in measuring was two of my lines in my wood weren’t exactly the correct measurement, but I was able to fix it before cutting my wood. I found cutting the wood satisfying. It was really cool and easy, and I have never done it before. I found making my measurements particularly frustrating at first. I didn’t know what lengths I wanted in the beginning and how to calculate all of the sides. As I did it more I understood how to do it. In the next six weeks I will have to finish cutting my wood, sand the wood, and glue the box together. I am going to stain my box. I may add some sort of stamp to my box, with my initials or wood burn my box. I may also make a leather bracelet and engrave something on it. I will decide what I’m going to do when the time comes, and I know how much time I will have left.

2 blog post 7th grade

My box’s is going to hold hair ties. It going to have a lid that connected to the bottom of the box. It’s going to be 8 by 5 and 3.5 inches tall. I’m going to stain the box, and add the felt. I have just completed building my card board box. I cut out pieces of cardboard to resemble my box. At first it was hard, but it got easier as I went. Everything fit perfectly together. I have also just finalized the dimensions of my box and soon I will get the wood and be able to cut and measure it out.

1 Blog Post 7th grade

Some safety rules that apply in the room from last year too is being cautious around the sauntering  iron. We also have to wear safety goggles whenever we are using machines. This year there are a lot of new machines that we didn’t use last year. We can’t run around the room or play around near the machines. Simple rules like walking, not fooling around, and wearing safety goggles are going to be easy to remember because they were rules last year too. It’s going to be hard to remember new safety rules that dealing with the saw. I can help myself be safe by following the directions and listing to the rules.