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Chapter 1

The Secret


Pa had always said be grateful for what you have but I was curious. I was know cinderella, I wanted to find out more, and like everyone said I was Riley Shay and it was great me. Growing up never really knew what happened to my mother. Did she die, or get sick,  or get into a accident or really, did she just walk away. Know one ever told me. Pa would just walk away. But that day it was different, I had a feeling when I got out of bad that I was going to making a difference, because I was Riley Shay. It all started in the morning. I woke up at six o’clock and got out of bed. Around eight o’clock I left. My house was a ten minute walk to the school from the old raggy apartment building. “Hey Riley,” said my friend Erica “hey,” I say. Erica was wealthy unlike me. That day I walked home my self. “Pa.” “ what happened to ma,”he just walked away. “Really pa, i’m old enough to know what happened. “ but It’s not…..” I said “ I said not now,” you should never mess with pa, trust me.


That night I was getting into bed when I noticed a diary. It had pas name on it, Chris Shay. And that was the day I found out the secret, the true secret, that was the day I found it out. What really happened to ma.



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Girls Travel Basketball

Girls Travel Basketball

By: Jackie Kershner and Juliana Chavis


During the winter at Greenacres has always had Rec  basketball games and practices. We have always had  Rec basketball but why not travel, this question was not answered until this winter when a mother with a kid in fourth grade decided to make a travel team this year. Greenacres has formed a  fourth grade travel basketball team. We are practicing hard and trying our best so far we have played lots of games  but have lost all of them but we are still working hard. We have sports games at House Of Sports. There are about 14-11 girls on our team. There are five teams we can play. Our team will keep trying and keep on  having a great time our basketball games!

We will keep you posted on the score of the games


Top 5 Things About Me

Top 5 Things About Me


  1.  I am the oldest out of two kids.


  1. I moved from manhattan to Scarsdale the summer before third grade.


  1. I have a cat named Milo.


  1. I am in the fourth grade.


  1.  My hobbies are soccer and basketball.

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