Do You Think I Should Keep On Writing This Story?


Chapter 1

The Secret


Pa had always said be grateful for what you have but I was curious. I was know cinderella, I wanted to find out more, and like everyone said I was Riley Shay and it was great me. Growing up never really knew what happened to my mother. Did she die, or get sick,  or get into a accident or really, did she just walk away. Know one ever told me. Pa would just walk away. But that day it was different, I had a feeling when I got out of bad that I was going to making a difference, because I was Riley Shay. It all started in the morning. I woke up at six o’clock and got out of bed. Around eight o’clock I left. My house was a ten minute walk to the school from the old raggy apartment building. “Hey Riley,” said my friend Erica “hey,” I say. Erica was wealthy unlike me. That day I walked home my self. “Pa.” “ what happened to ma,”he just walked away. “Really pa, i’m old enough to know what happened. “ but It’s not…..” I said “ I said not now,” you should never mess with pa, trust me.


That night I was getting into bed when I noticed a diary. It had pas name on it, Chris Shay. And that was the day I found out the secret, the true secret, that was the day I found it out. What really happened to ma.



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