My Poems

Hate That Homework

Boring, and boring, and boringer

It stinks and takes up my time

Brain is whooshing with things that wouldn’t have to be there

If homework

Was saved


So much depends upon…..


So much depends upon

An orange basketball

Soaring through the sky

Beside the hoop


Love That Cat

The orange tabby cat is all mine

His tail wagging and his feet tapping and tapping and tapping

He jumps to a start when he sees me

Meows, and meows, and meows

Away he goes

Never into the starry night

Because I love that cat

And I’m never going to risk his life

I’m never going to risk

My cat’s life


Airplane Taking Off

Zoom Zoom

Up and away into the air

Slowly stiffly up people go

Flying, crying away they go bumpy, thumpy everyone’s feeling

Lumpy,frumpy, grumpy

Everyone’s together hearing the munching of food

And gum

As we settle in the air we

Slowly,slowly jump to stand

Everyone is quiet

Even the laundry man

My Writing

The Night Of Terror

By: Jackie Kershner


It was Halloween and I, Bella, was going to prove to  my twin brother Jack that he was a scaredy cat. I know it sounds wrong, but with what happened last year, it’s time get revenge! I was going to get that boy back and if I wanted to, I would have to be on my own team and believe in myself.


My first best friend’s name is Jenny, my other best friend’s name is Caroline! All my friends kept on telling me that it was a bad idea, and to forget it, but I couldn’t. I wanted to prove to my brother that he was a scaredy cat. “Bella, if something happens, you can’t blame it on me,” says Jenny. “I know. Stop it. It will be fun! I’m so excited,” screams Bella. Jenny was going to be trick or treating with them, and Caroline was still not there. The two of them started putting on their costumes when the doorbell rang!  “I’ll get the door,” screamed Bella and Jenny. They went running  to the door. It was Caroline! “Bella, Jenny Caroline, it’s time to go trick or treating, and Jack will be coming with us,” said Bella’s mom. “No,” yelled Bella. She did not want to get embarrassed by her brother, even in front of her two best friends. Her brother somehow always caused trouble.

When the four of them left the house it was dark and scary. There were so many people out. They went to lots of houses, and Bella didn’t know which one was perfect to scare her brother. Then finally, they came to it. It had the most scary yard Bella had ever seen. There were dead bodies bobbing up out of nowhere.


“ Let’s go to this house, it looks scary. Maybe we will get a lot of candy,” Bella said. “I don’t know how good of an idea this is,” said her Mom. “I want to go to this house,” screamed Jack. This was the perfect time to do her plan. Bella winked at her friends. She could tell that they were really scared, but Bella didn’t care. This was about her, not them. As they walked up the walkway, it got scarier and and scarier. “I’ll ring the doorbell,” called Bella, and she did. “Ding Dong,” rang the bell.  “Ding Dong.” Bella rang it again. “I don’t think anybody is home. We should try to get a few more houses, it’s getting late,” said Bella’s mom.


They waited one more minute and then someone came out of the door. He was wearing all black and he had a mean hat.  His hat said, Zachary. Bella was guessing that that was his name. Bella was so lost in thought that  she didn’t notice that the man was chasing her. She ran. “Help! Help! I’m getting chased! Somebody help,” she cried.

Finally the man ran right back into his house, not giving the four kids candy. Bella started running home on her own now, she was terrified! “Bella, wait, slow down. He was just trying to be funny,” screamed her Mom. But she didn’t, she was too fast. When she got home, she ran right to her room. She knew that the man was trying to be funny. It was Halloween. Why else would he scare her?


“We should probably go home,” said Bella’s two friends.  “Hey Bella, look who’s the scaredy cat now?” “I know I am. I’m really sorry now. I know that we are both scaredy cats!” said Bella. “Bella, are you ok,” said Bella’s mom. “Yes, I’m fine,” Bella said. “Then let’s have some popcorn and watch a scary movie,” said Bella’s mom, and they did. It was the best Halloween ever, and now Bella knew that she should treat people how she would hope they would treat her!

My House Is Important To Me Because…….

My House Is The Best Place In My Life

By: Jackie Kershner


My house is the best place in my life, It fits me perfectly, I’m guessing your house may be perfect for you too! My house is the best place in my life because my kitchen is a special place in my house, my living room is a special place in my house, and last of all my room is a special place in my house.


My house is the best place in my life because I have a great kitchen. My kitchen is important  to me because I do homework there every afternoon right after I get home from school. I steal goodies from the cabinets.  My sister and I spend a lot of time there. There was one time when I was doing my homework there in my kitchen right after school and I had a spelling crossword puzzle to do. My babysitter and I got stuck on lots of them and we had a couple left over that we couldn’t figure out. After about forty minutes or so, we finally solved it, only after looking them all up online and searching for a while. Another time I remember my babysitter and I were in the kitchen talking about something that was coming up and what we were excited about and what was happening in the next few weeks.


My house is the best place in my life because my living room holds special memories. My living room is important to me because I have this big window and I love looking out of it to see what is happening outside. Another reason why it is important is because every year we open our presents there. Lastly, because my sister and I love watching tv there and  my Dad and I hang out there together. Every year it is so annoying because my Mom gets home around seven thirty so we have to wait until then to open our presents. My sister and I get really annoyed and we cry because we really want our presents. Another time was when I was looking out the big window and I saw my best friend and I yelled to her. Lastly I remember the time around Halloween when people were booing my sister and me. I looked out the window and sometimes I heard them coming and going close to the door. Then when they rang the doorbell I ran and caught them and I knew who they were.


Last of all my house is important to me because my room is the room that I own! My room is important to me because I sleep there, also because  my Mom comes in there every night before I go to bed and talks to me. Another reason is because my room is facing the front of the street so I can see my friends coming and what’s happening outside. Last of all my room is important to me because I have my own room without having to share it with my sister.  One time my best friend and I screamed out our windows  at eight o’clock pm and talked about things. It was really funny.  Another time was when I was locking my sister out of my room and was saying, “You have your own room, get out of here!”


My house is  very important to me and I will never leave it. Thank you for keeping my life warm and cozy. Thank you house!

Kids Should Be Able To Have Desks!!!

Kids Should Be Able To Have Desks At School

By: Jackie Kershner


Some people say that kids having their own desks prevents them from learning, but it doesn’t. In fact, having your own desk does the opposite. Even though getting twenty to twenty five desks cost more than five or six tables, it helps kids and teachers in a lot of different ways. Kids should be able to have desks at school.


Kids should be able to have desks at school because it will help the teacher teach faster without kids talking to each other. When you sit at a desk you are farther apart from your classmates, and when you sit at a table you are only a couple of inches away from your classmates. That means more talking. I’ve seen kids talking to each other while the teacher is teaching, but the problem is having a table prevents the teacher from seeing you as easily. If you are sitting at the back of a table you might not be able to see the teacher and they might not be able to see you. If kids don’t understand something they might ask a neighbor and distract them and prevent them from learning too.


Kids should be able to have desks at school because it puts a big  responsibility on each them. Each person will have their own pencils and tools to work with. When you’re at a table everyone is in charge of everything and when that happens kids figure that  their friends will sharpen their pencils and organize their things, but they don’t. Everything gets so messy and you don’t have any pencils to use. Sometimes half of your pencils have gone on the floor missing or somewhere else. When you have a desk you are in charge of your own things and you are the one who will be in charge of your pencils and tools no one else, and kids would know that.


Some people say that it’s not worth it to buy desks, but I think it still is. Last of all kids should be able to have desks at school because it helps for tests and different things where kids need to know  the answers by themselves, instead of looking at someone else’s paper. When you are doing a test at a table you can see someone else’s answer because they are right next to you, but when you are at a desk, you cannot see someone’s paper. It also helps the kid not ask questions to a person at their table about the test. I’ve seen it happen all the time. You are doing a test and then someone asks you quietly, “Hey do you get this, I don’t get it, how did you get the answer?” That’s not right because you shouldn’t have someone else doing a test for you.


Having desks will help teachers in many ways and most of all it will help kids. Letting a kid do their own work and helping a teacher teach is much more important than going the cheaper way in this situation.


That is why kids need desks at school!