Rube Goldberg Project #6 – Final Reflection

I am very sad that this unit is over. This unit was definitely one my favorites starting with the sketch and ending with the IMovie. Today in class we presented them. In my opinion ours was the most advanced. I was a little anxious presenting our IMovie. I mean, what if ours was by far the worst, showing all of the videos flaws, or on the other hand being too sophisticated and showing off how well we performed. I am happy to report that we fell right in the middle of both.


This project was fun for many reasons. Starting with, you are able to have more excuses to hang out with your friends. Secondly, all of the research and learning put in this project is fun and is entertaining. Not, boring and tiring. Third and finally, while still putting a lot of effort in this project it was still was not pressuring. It requires less effort than something like our Home of the Brave WeVideos. This project was fun and you were still learning something at the same time. Which is a huge benefit.


This is a list of my favorite parts of the Rube Goldberg project:

  • When you were extremely proud of your work
  • When you could say to yourself, “Congrats, this is your final day”
  • Planning everything out
  • Celebrating when you succeed
  • Getting back up when you fail
  • Reassuring your partner that we were okay and doing everything right
  • In general, working with partners/groups
  • When you could sit back and relax because you had finally achieved your goal


Overall, I really loved this project and hope we can do something very similar to this soon. I love when you know you and your partner work well together, and you are a strong partnership. I wish this project had just started just so I could live this experience through again. I am extremely grateful we were able to try out this project. My whole view on simple machines has drastically changed because of this. Thank you Mrs. Cooper, thank you for granting us with this opportunity to perform these simple tasks. I have enjoyed this project and don’t want it to end. Bye Rube Goldberg! Hope to see you in the future!!

Rube Goldberg Project #5 – Starting The Last Step

The last step, the least of our worries, the time to wipe the sweat of our foreheads, the IMOVIE. I was relieved that the building, sketching, and the revising, and editing was done. IMovie was simple enough. Put the videos, fails, and titles explaining the information that is teaching the person watching it what the project is basically about, just throw it all together and be done. We had enough experience from WeVideo and other filming apps. What could go wrong? Let me stop you right about there… Oh wait did I forget to mention the music (choosing appropriate songs, and lining it up correctly),the fancy fonts, the credits, the beginning page, EVERYTHING.


IMovie was a pain to work with. The most dreaded part of the whole IMovie is the music. First, you have to pick songs that both agree on, and are appropriate for the part it is on, also the words need to be very clean and can’t be taken in the wrong away. Secondly, even dragging the music to the correct part is difficult. When your finger releases the clip of music it bounces back to the beginning automatically. Third, to use the music you have to purchase it on ITunes. Which can be a pain, if you don’t enjoy the song regularly you have already wasted your money on it. And finally, you can’t even crop the music to the place of the song you want it to play. So let’s say the song has a rap side you might want the chorus but can’t get that without the rap which is extremely irritating.


This are the songs we used:

  • Let’s Get It Started – By The Black Eyed Peas
    • Used for the Rube Goldberg slide introducing the presentation
    • Get it – Let’s get it started? Kind of like a introduction song
  • Keep Your Head Up – By Andy Grammer
    • Used for the fails
    • Get it – when you fail you need to keep your head up?
  • Glorious –  (feat. Skylar Grey) By Macklemore
    • Used for successes and slo mo
    • Get it – you feel glorious when you succeed or do things right?
  • All I Do is Win – (feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross) By DJ Khaled
    • Used for credits
    • Get it – because at the end we came out of this winners?


Rube Goldberg Project #4 – Starting To Build

The time had finally came, we started to build our simple task-maker machine! Lilly and I were so excited to be finally start building after the million tries it took to draw our sketch. We are halfway done building which is also very exciting. When we started to build it was easy. Until…

This is our fail, our millionth fail.

This is how our machine works. Rube goldberg calls us, when he calls us the phone vibrates/shimmies down a inclined plane when the phone stops, it hits into a couple books that are being raised up by cds. After, the books hit a marble and slides down another ramp. Which hits into dominoes. Then the dominoes hits a hard but light ball at the same time. Then the ball activates the books that hit the soccer ball down one final ramp and hits down all 6 pins. STRIKE!!!!!


One video that inspired me was I loved this video. Sprice really taught me the correct way to “rube goldberg”. I think Sprice’s idea was really complex. But still taught me all of the basics. Other videos were also equally as helpful or maybe a little less.


I have learned that rube goldberg is really harder than I have expected. And that if you fail don’t give up keep, keep trying and you will succeed I hope that is the case for us. These challenges have cost me time but that doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying.

Rube Goldberg Project #3 – Finalizing Our Sketch

As we committed to one simple task our emotions were a flurry in our mind. Will this work? Will we be so stressed out? Will this have a happy ending? We sketched and researched and thought this isn’t so hard. We thought about making our sketch great. Then everything changed and seemed to work out perfectly. With our well drawn, labelled, and colored sketch we were in perfect shape.

Our sketch was clear and ready to be used. All we had left to do now was build. Building the favorite part for most of the Rube Goldberg alumni. This is what we had been waiting for this whole time. From making our sketch the best it could be, Lilly and I were psyched for the building process!

Rube Goldberg Project #2 – Sketching

As we sketched, we thought, “how much easier can this project be?” Until we found out shocking news. Our pouring water or juice contraption wouldn’t work. It was too easy and yet to hard at the same time. As we thought of new ideas like squeezing toothpaste onto a toothbrush, and knocking down pins. We tried to sketch which we thought was the easiest part. We were disturbed by this income. Lilly and I could not figure out how to sketch this difficult thing. Step one would feature a inclined plane and a marble. Step two would feature dominoes and string. Step three is where it all went down hill. How could the high point of our project would drop to a low point so easily? How could our thought, “how easy could this be?” turn to “how hard could this be?” We were flabbergasted by how sketching could be so hard. As we struggled and researched non stop and called for help we never lost hope which made us succeed more. Which taught us how mistakes make our life’s better. Even through all of the agony we still made our failure into a life lesson.

Rube Goldberg Project #1 – Thinking of Ideas

We recently found out we were going to do a project that caused a chain reaction and performed a simple task. From what I heard from my brother and 5th grade alumni that it was going to the peak of science. As I watched my brother 4 years ago I was fascinated at how much thought was put into it, using several different items you would find sitting around your house. As I watched my brother and friends fail and succeed I thought, “Wow I can’t wait to be in fifth grade!” Me and my friend, Lilly had the same reaction at this point. As we digitally face-timed day and night and sketched we were amazed at how many things you could put into this project that seemed logical.

We thought of many creative ideas like:

  • Squeezing a orange and making juice
  • Pouring cereal and milk into a bowl
  • Pouring juice into a cup
  • Squeezing toothpaste on a toothbrush
  • Assembling a hamburger
  • Opening a umbrella
  • Turning off a alarm clock
  • Applying a band aid

We finally chose squeezing a orange which we thought was the most creative and logical. Then it was time to sketch. As we sketched, we realize both of our sketches would never work with our idea. It seemed too easy. Of course something went wrong. Our idea to squeeze a orange was way to complicated. As we figured out, pouring cereal or juice would be the better choice. We never gave up on our ideas which made our work pay off. This quote we think represents our work best. This quote gave us the push we needed to work harder and to be devoted towards all your work. “Failure is part of the process to success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.”

Final Rocketry Reflection

As we built, designed, reflected, launched, and collaborated, I learned a couple things that I hope will help me in future challenges or situations. For example, I learned that if you put hard work and determination into anything your work is pretty much guaranteed to pay off. Also, I learned to always put the group first not yourself. Because when you are a good group member and contributing to the group you will be the most productive and your group will be the best it could be. And I learned how fun it is to build a paper rocket.

Three launches was a good decision in my opinion because if you fail your first rocket, your rocket has a high chance to succeed in the other launches. Once you fail on one of the earlier launches you can change your design/plan around to make your results better which is important because it makes everyone feel like they had a equal amount of opportunities or successes/fails.

I learned that in a group I can be a strong, independent member who leads the team on the right foot. I could help people when they needed it or give them space to work it out by themselves, I think that is a good quality of a group member. But, when we had arguments I think maybe I could have realized what we were arguing about was foolish of us. Maybe I could of helped resolve the arguments quicker. I learned working in a group is a better choice for me because the whole group can work, learn helpful lessons, and learn to collaborate. Which is a better choice because everyone in the group also does a lot of work and is focused, and has the right mindset.

This will impact me in the future because it has taught me major lessons which could face my future challenges. It has also taught me to be more focused and about teamwork. It has taught me not to have silly arguments or get distracted. This will help me in other group projects including a couple of team members. It will help me respect my fellow peers and work hard until we achieve our group goal.

News Report #2 – Radical Rocket Launch

It was Friday, October 13th when Mrs. Cooper’s class shook with anticipation over their very first rocket launch. While some were excited and anxious some were worried about the unlucky date. Mrs. Cooper’s class jogging out to the middle fields had been waiting for this honorable time the whole day. On the breezy, warm day people dragged out the: IPads, clinometers, launch pad, and air pump. NAJC Rocket Club were on their way to the launch pad. 10… 9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… BLAST OFF! NAJC with high hopes watched their rocket turn over and flop. So well for everyone telling them the superstitious date wouldn’t ruin their launch. Da Humble Rockets ran up also having high hopes. As they counted, the crowd shivered with anxiety. Finally, their rocket shot up in the air. Although their “humble” name, Da Humble Rockets were not so humble doing forward rolls and yelling in celebration!


The Fantastic Flyers stepped up hoping to fly, went up high and came back down. It was a tight race, until Space Jammers and their modesty stepped up to the plate. Space Jammers went soaring high as their rocket reached their turning point and was about to come back down, nobody could even see how far their rocket had reached. The Shooting Stars, the last group expecting to go high because of all of their fellow classmates had a lot to not look forward to. Their awfully big and puffy rocket carried so much weight that their income was not the most exciting. Their rocket only launching a couple feet was a shock to many. The superstitious date did not hold anyone or anything back!


News Report #1 – Glorious Ghosting


It was Monday, October 15th when Heathcote Elementary was overwhelmed when the 5th grade rushed over and around the school and  started grilling them with questions. No one was expecting these questions. “Did you boo me?” “What car do you have?” “Did you get ghosted?” Everybody answered all of the 5th graders concerns and they were buying it. We told them all of us had no idea what they were talking about. “ I was feeling anxious because I didn’t know if it was one of my friends or my brother friends, I was also scared that if I opened the door the boo-er was still at my house hiding.”  Lilly Tessler a victim of booing quotes. Lilly and friends were determined to find the unidentified ghoster.

Aviv Brav quotes, “Ghosting and getting ghosted are the same type of fun because it’s fun when you get ghosted because you get candy, but on the other hand it’s fun to see your friends reactions.” Heathcote Elementary still filled with mysterious questions, the day starts lingering away. As the day falls, people start questioning friends, best friends, and even people they barely know, nobody trusts a single soul. As halloween starts to draw closer no one has a clue who the secretive, sly candy-giver was/is.


Spanish Reflection

1: ¿Qué nuevo vocabulario usaste?
-Que a hora

2: ¿Qué nuevas preguntas usaste?
-Education fisica

3: How would you grade your work on this Screencast? (sobresaliente = A) (notable = B)

4: After listening to your screencast what words do you feel you could have practiced more? Quiero practicar las palabras ………

5: How could you use this new vocabulary outside of Spanish class?
To my spanish housekeepers

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