Final Plants Blog Post

Congratulations! We have seen our plants go through the entire life cycle. Our plant started as a seed, and now it is producing little seeds inside those green pods.

For your final blog post please include:

  • Your observations of your plant(s). (As of 6/9 before we picked the pods off.)
    • What does it look like?
      • Leaves
      • Pods
      • Stem
      • Soil
    • How has it changed since the last blog post?


  • Predictions
    • How many seeds do you think will be in your pods?
    • What will they look like? Why do you think this?


  • What have you learned, or what are some important big ideas about plants from doing this experiment? (This should be several paragraphs.)
    • Ideas:
      • Photosynthesis
      • Pollination
      • Controlled and manipulated variables
      • Plant part jobs
      • Anything else you think is important to know about plants and their life cycle or survival

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