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Hello readers! Do you need a book to read? Well I have a very good one that I’m going to recommend to you. It’s called Because of Wind DixieFirst of all it’s a very good child story. It’s about a girl whose parents got divorced when she was younger and she just moved to Naomi Florida with her dad who is a preacher. She gets a dog and mostly all the stuff she does is with Winn Dixie which is what she named her dog. She does lots of fun activities also. The book is very funny.  Her name is India Opal Buloni. There are a lot of things that are sad, but she has lots of problems. In the story she makes all kinds of different friends. If you liked this review of Because of Winn Dixie you will definitely love the book.

If you look below I had some of my classmates rate the book.

The highest you can rate the book is five stars and the lowest you can rate the book is zero stars.

Amanda **** and a half Ellie **** and a half Brandon *** Nico *** Rebecca *** Meera/Me ***** Jake **** Sarah ***** Heather ***** Sabrina ***** Ravi zero stars Serena **** Ariana **** Gabriel ***** Nathalie **** Hana ***** Kei *** Tavish **** Shea **


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