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Maglev Transportation System

My group and I improved by putting only one strip magnet on each side of the piece of paper that was the track, and putting one little strip magnet on each side of the foam, which was the vehicle. The time that my group failed was when we put all strip magnets next to each other and only one magnet on each side of the foam. The second time my group failed is when we didn’t test what side poles the magnets were on. I think the last one was successful because we tested what sides the magnets are on and we only put one strip magnet on each side.The poles had to be north facing north.

I thought working with a group is helpful because if someone didn’t have a successful idea the other person can add something that maybe will get your plan a little better. I also thought that the maglev transportation system was very fun. I think it was fun because we got to test what side all the magnets are on and the most fun part is when we started to build our maglev transportation system, and then test it to see how many marbles it held.

I Am Thankful For My Mom and Dad

My mom and dad bring joy to me everyday I am thankful for them because they make me feel better, they play with me, and they take me to special places. The first reason I am grateful for my mom and dad because they always make me feel better for example,they lay in bed with me and they give me medicine and play games with me. Also, when I am sad they always say, “What is wrong?” and give me hugs and kisses. The second reason I am grateful for my mom and dad is that they always play  with me. For example,when i ask them to play a board games like Sorry or Clue they always do it. The third reason I am thankful for my mom and dad is that they take me to special places. For example, they take me to the beach when I want to go.To conclude, they will always be there  to help me and give joy. I am thankful for them.

Amazing Books!

I have some amazing books for you, like Lola Levine, Stone Fox and Third Grade Angels. The first book I’m going to talk about is Lola levine. Lola Levine is an 8 year old girl who at school always plays soccer but one day at recess she was playing soccer and her friend Joe was playing too and she didn’t mean to hurt him but she did and everybody is saying Lola Levine is mean read the book to find out what happened. The next book is Stone Fox. Stone Fox is about a boy named Wille who entered the race and races the is against one of the fast racers read the book to find out what happens. The last book is Third Grade Angels. It is about a boy who had  a halo in his class and  he wants to win it and he writes a letter to his teacher but when he puts it down there is already a letter.Read the book to find out what happens. Thanks for looking at my blog.

The Amazing Word Study!

Today you will be learning about Word study. Word study is a subject that you can learn words that you don’t know. In my class we do a lot of word study. We do quizzes ,we write in our word study books. When you do word study you have to make sure you spell everything right. Sometimes your teacher will let you play word study games. In my class my teacher has a spelling menu It has a lot of word study games. Like there is a game called Waterfall Words. It is when you write each word bit by bit.There is a game to that is called ABC that is when you write your Word Study words and write them in ABC order. There is also something that is called word rhyme that is when you have your sort words and you rhyme them with other words. Thanks for looking at my blog.