Constitution Project

In class we are doing a constitution project. First we rolled a die to see what subject you got. The options were technology, people, famous documents, art, and  important events. I got technology during the constitution the subject for technology I wanted to do was printing press. Then we had to get what we would do to present so we rolled another die it I got explain everything. Explain everything is like a slide show on google but you can write on it with a marker on the app and you can explain it by recording slides. Also explain everything can only be on the iPad.

For explain everything I had to research and I found pictures of printing press so I was able to see what it looked like. I also found a video that taught me how to use a printing press. I also read books about the printing press. After my research I was able to start explain everything. I had to get the hang of it at first because the app was new to my. I learned how to get picture how to write and how to use the whole app. Once I got the hang of the app I was able to completely start my project. I had a problem with the app at first but then I found the right explain everything to use I had to use the classic one. The classic one was not different from the other one but it did work better. once everything was settled I was fine.

After everything was settled I was able to actually get started with my project which I was really happy about. I am really excited. The research was hard work. It was hard to find a lot of information about the printing press. I thought that my project would be different then it is, but I still like my project. Once I found my information I was good.

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