May 30

The Great Wall of China

Hi guys! It’s been a while since I have last posted. As you peeps all know, I am doing The Great Wall of China for capstone. In this post I will be telling you all the facts that I know about The Great Wall.
The mean emperor.
The Great Wall was built by peasants, farmers, and criminals. families were separated because workers got snatched out of their homes.They did not even get to decide whether they wanted to built the all or not. If you disobeyed, you would be executed. Click Here.
This horrible person who was making them do all this horrible work was Qin Shi Huang. His father, the old king, died when Qin Shi Huang was just thirteen. A few years later, he became king. During his eleven years of ruling, he was one of the most despised emperors. He was despised so much that there had been three attempts to kill him. Click here. 
How was the wall built?
The wall was built by lots of people who were mistreated. Lots of people died and some of the dead human’s flesh was used to fill in the cracks that were in the wall. Nobody cared if you starved to death, worked to death, or got hit by a huge rock and died. Soldiers just kept on whipping people carry bricks and stones up to the loading area. Speaking of how they got their materials to their destination, the transportation that were used were donkeys, horses, and humans. All three of them carried loads and loads of things up an down the mountains. The humans had not shoes so they were barefooted. Click Here.
What were the materials?
The materials that were used to build this wall were rocks, mud, rice powder, and sticky rice for the wall parts that were in the mountains. For the desert, the used sand and reeds.the mud and rice materials were used because it could be used as cement. Thesticky rice and rice powder were used because of it’s stickiness so that it could hold the stones together. The mud was added for extra stickiness. In the desert, they used sand and reed because the reed was good for draining out water when it rained and the sand could be pounded so that it would be as hard as stone. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! 😉

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