Where I’m from

Every year at my school we have a poetry festival in April. Well the time has come. Usually we all make different poems but this year because we’re in fifth grade we all made the same poem. We all made a Where I’m from poem.

We had a couple of weeks to finish it so I decided to take my time on it. I didn’t want to do something similar to other peoples. At first I thought of doing an accross stick poem. But when I tried it I didn’t like so much. So I decided to do a recap of my day and have it rhyming. I started and ended with the same stanza of my bed because I like my bed very much. Around the same time I hung it up on the wall for everyone to see Mrs. Edwards took a video of me reciting my poem. Here it is:


My initial thoughts…

I’m excited about my own blog. I think it’s really cool that the whole world can see my ¬†writing. If I do exactly what I want to do the world will like it, but if I mess up quite a bit, well the whole world can see me mess up. I’m pretty confident that I won’t mess up that much though. I am pretty lucky that I can be a published author at the age of eight. This is a big responsibility for me. I have to admit that I am nervous. Even though I am nervous I think this is going to be a very very fun project. I think I am going to learn a lot from this spiecal project. It is going to be a very fun and good experience for me.