What Do You Hear? Yanny, or Laurel?

Title: “Yanny” or “Laurel?” The Viral Audio Clip Explained!

Article Date:  May 18, 2018

Source: Dogo News

Newstype: World

The debate between “Yanny” and “Laurel” is the biggest debate since the blue and black or white and gold dress in 2015. It all started when Katie Hetzel looked up the definition of the word Laurel. She listened to the audio of the word, and she heard Yanny. So, she posted it on her Instagram story. Then, Fernando Castro decided to republish it. His friend Ronald Camry heard it and posted a three second audio clip saying the word repeatedly. Chloe Feldman shared it to her Instagram and Twitter with the caption being: “What do you hear? – ‘Yanny’ or ‘Laurel’?” It became a sensation to millions of people. The question is, what is the real word? Image result for yanny or laurelIt is not very clear what the real word is, but they are technically both right. Some people believe it depends on your age. If you are older, you are most likely to hear Laurel. If you are younger, you are most likely to hear Yanny. About 47% of people who heard the audio clip heard Yanny, while 53% heard Laurel. If you did not know about the words Yanny or Laurel, you might be hearing a totally different word. The acoustic features for Yanny and Laurel are actually very similar, proving that the original words Yanny and Laurel are more similar than you probably think. Also, when the pitch for the clip is brought down 30%, you hear Yanny. When it is raised up 30%, you hear Laurel. Image result for yanny or laurelSo, to answer your question, what is the real word? The real word from the original recording is Laurel. Still, if you said Yanny, you should not worry. Remember, it is the way your brain processes it. Comment what you hear. Yanny or Laurel? Also, check out my flipgrid. You should also check out New York Times’ tool so you can hear both Yanny and Laurel. Thanks for reading my post! Bye! 😉

5 thoughts on “What Do You Hear? Yanny, or Laurel?

  1. Dear Arielle,
    I think it is really cool that two people that listened to the same word can here different sounds. I thought your current event was very interesting. I like your pictures. They explained what the words can not.

  2. Dear Ari,
    I really liked your article choice. I hear Laral most of the time, but when it goes down 30% I hear Yanny.

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