Book Club: Bystander – Jot 1

Eric is feeling very guilty that he became friends with a known bully. He thinks he did the right thing when he gave Hallenback (to Eric, “ketchup boy”) away to Griffin, and he realizes that. Know he doesn’t know what to do; tell his mom, give Griffin away, or keep it secret. Then he figures out that Griffin is pretending to be charming to his mom and helping the elderly at the mall, but really is just a fraud, trying to steal stuff from those people. For example, he stole some gum from an old lady called Mrs. Chaves, when helping her with shopping, and gets away with it easily.

1 thought on “Book Club: Bystander – Jot 1

  1. I kind of agree with you about how Erik knows that Griffin is just pretending to be kind to the old ladies. But I don’t think he realizes that Griffin stealing from people is a wrong thing.

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