Sanding and Hinging

After applying polycrylic, I had to sand. I used the fine sandpaper with the sanding blocks to sand down the polycrylic and then I used the steel wool. To sand it smooth, I had to rub back and forth really fast. When I was done, the box was white and super smooth.
After I sanded, it was time to hinge. Since my box is so big, I had to put three instead of two hinges. The first step was to put my lid and base in a vise. Then I had to line the hinges up so that the barrels were lined up with the seam of my box. I also had to measure so that the hinges on the end were the same length away from the edge. When I knew exactly where I wanted my hinges to go, I put masking tape on one side of them so the wouldn’t move.

I had to first make a pilot hole with an awl. I had to place it in the center of the hole and tap it three times. When I had a small hole, I screwed the screw in with the screwdriver.
The next step is flocking.


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