Post #2: Choosing a Main Inquiry Question and Choosing Five Sub Questions

I chose my topic, which was the stock market. Now I had to come up with a main inquiry question. Before I settled on my topic, I already kind of knew what my main inquiry question was. At first I wanted to do, “factors that affect the stock market” Then I realized that that was too broad, so I narrowed it down to, “The top factors that affect the stock market” That would be easier to answer because my sub questions could be the top factors, in the form of a question.
To clarify that my work was correct so far, I FaceTimed my two god mothers. One of them works at CNBC, and does a show called Power Lunch. My other god mother works in the bank business. When we discussed my project, they gave me many ideas and a LOT of information. Almost too much for me to handle. They made me rethink my inquiry question too. I then changed  to my final question, “What top factors impact the stock market?”
After are discussion, I had to write down everything I learned on a document. I wrote down my main inquiry question and some sub questions. First, I made a list of examples of things that impact the stock market. Then I made them into questions. For example, new products impact a company’s stock price, so I made into the question, “How do new products impact a company’s stock price?”
Right now, my five sub questions are, “How do natural disasters impact the market,” “What is meant by the ‘market’,” “How do product launches impact different stocks in different ways,” “How do company announcements impact their stock price,” and “How do elections impact the market?”
I already have a lot of information and I did some research. Now I need to schedule my site visit and interview. Even though it’s pretty early in the project, I also need to start at least thinking about my final presentation.

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  1. I like how you told us what you did to get your sub questions and how you narrowed all your questions down.

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