Capstone #5

For my capstone project, I had to have a site visit. Since my project was movie making, I went to The Museum Of The Moving Image in Queens, New York. In this museum, there were many interesting things. There were different types of videos that I could listen to. For example, vlog videos, tutorial videos, and more. Additionally, there were many storyboards for different shows and movies. To add on, there were also different costumes, make up that has been used, props that were used, etc. Lastly, there was an exhibit showing how the cameras evolved over time. I really liked everything. There was a part where we could make our own stop motion movies. I knew how to do this because of one of our projects this year. We had to make a stop motion movie on immigration at school. One of my favorite exhibits was the Jim Henson exhibit where I got to design my own muppet, and saw some really cool illustrations and storyboards from the show, “The Muppets.” Overall, I learned and did some really cool things.

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