Moon Blog March 13th

Today marks day fifteen of our moon phase blog. You will be expected to:

  • go outside to view the moon
  • record your observations on my blog
  • include date, time and conditions of the sky when you observed
  • and include a fact you know or just learned about the moon or anything interesting about astronomy
  • maybe try the sky guide app

Make sure to proofread over what you have written to make sure that you included capital letters, proper punctuation, correct spelling and that your post makes sense. Have fun!

Moon rise time:  8:14p.m.

Moon set time: 8:20 a.m.

15 thoughts on “Moon Blog March 13th

  1. Today is March 13th at 4:53 and I think the moon is behind a giant cloud. There are clouds here and there but I can still see blue. Do you ever see dark spots on the moon? Those are called craters. Craters are a large, bowl-shaped cavity in the ground or on the surface of the moon, caused by explosions or meteorite.

  2. Today is March 13th 6:36 P.M. The sky is clear. I did not see the moon. It’s because yesterday was daylight saving time so at 6:36 it’s still bright so I can’t see the moon because it’s bright. According to Science Kids, The effect of gravity is only about one fifth (17%) as strong on the surface of the Moon compared to the strength of gravity on the surface of the Earth.

  3. Today March 13th at 8:40pm. The sky was cloudy. I did not see the moon. I think I did not see the moon because of the clouds. A fact I know is that we are always in a earthquake but we just do not feel it.

  4. Today is March 13th at 8:43pm. I did not see the Moon probably because the sky was cloudy. I learned that the Moon orbits the Earth every 27 days.

  5. Today March 13th at 9:00 PM. I did not see the moon because the sky was cloudy. The sky was a cloudy gray with a tiny orange.

  6. Today is March 13th at 8:45 pm. The sky was cloudy but I saw the moon. To me the moon looked like a full moon but I don’t think it was.

  7. Today is March 13 at 9:50pm. I could not see the moon because it was cloudy out. Here is one fact about the moon: only 12 people have walked on the moon. They were all American males.

  8. Today is March 13 and 10:46pm and the moon is a Waning Gibbous. Last night was the 14th day we have done science about the moon and it was always waxing because its half of the time of the month. Now it will be going opposite so now it will be waning in other words fading.

  9. Today is 3/13/17 at 8:53 PM. The sky was very cloudy so I couldn’t see the moon. I think the moon is going to start waning because the moon already reached the full moon, also because the moon was getting bigger and bigger.

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