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Hi. I am doing well and trying not to be bored(I still am). I have started exercising more because I have more time.

Materials that I found.

While walking outside, I found a bunch of materials which included: Rocks, Branches, Dirt, and Mud. While I was walking inside, I found screws, screwdrivers, and knives. I also have rubber bands, paper clips, and toothpicks. Overall, I have a wide variety of materials inside and outside.

What I did during the days off (coronavirus)

During the days of I have been playing a lot of tennis. I also went to my cousins house and played soccer there. One of my favorite parts so far is being able to sleep in… I LOVE IT!!! Even though the coronavirus is a really bad thing, I am happy we do not have to go to school.

Week 2 Reflection

This is my second week of technology and I am having lots of fun. I made a TinkerCad design which was a keychain that said my name on it. I also took on the role as a designer and a builder. As a designer I designed my box which is 6 by 8 inches. After that as a builder I did a form that said what pieces of wood I needed. After that I used a hand planer. It was very satisfying to make wood curls. I learned that it is used to smooth a block of wood. It was the first time I ever used a wood planer and am excited to use it for my box project.

Blog post #1-Exploring wood tools

Yesterday I was practicing putting screws into the wood and making holes in the wood and I learned the best way to do that was to use the vise. First I would have to open the vise by turning it counter clockwise or otherwise left. After you would put the wood in, you would close or fasten it by turning it clockwise or in other words right. I realized that it is easier to make a hole with the actual screwdriver than the screw.