Capstone blog post #2

 For my second blog post I am going to be talking about how I chose a main inquiry question and sub questions.

 Our teacher told us that we need to have a main inquiry question. A main inquiry question is the question that I am going to be trying to answer in the seven weeks that I am doing in this Capstone unit. I noticed that World War 2 is a huge topic so, I narrowed it down to Japan vs America. Then I had to think about a main inquiry question. So then I thought of the main inquiry question to be What factors contributed to the conflict between the United States of America and Japan during World War 2.

 Now I will be talking about how I figured out to do 5 sub questions. Our teacher told us that we should have more then 5 for we can chose the best ones. But first I got a bit confused and my 8 sub  questions were literally 8 other main inquiry questions! Today in school our teacher talked to every student in the class. She explained to me what I did wrong and then we came up with 5 new sub questions. This was really helpful for me because when it will be time for me to present my research I would have 6 Main inquiry questions instead of 1 main inquiry question and 5 sub questions.

 So far, this Capstone project has been going really well for me. Now that we are done with the Main inquiry question and the sub questions now it is time for the real fun.

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