Technology post #5

In class a couple of days ago, we were learning about a soccer team that was trapped in a cave. First of all, you might be thinking if this is technology class, you should not be learning about a soccer team, but about engineering. Later on, towards the end, I will explain why we are learning about this soccer team. Now, back to the actual topic Mr. Calvert was telling us about, how this soccer team was a team in Thailand and that they stayed in a cave after soccer practice that was well known. The soccer players noticed the water rise in the front of the cave so, they started moving backwards into the cave.  After a couple of hours, they noticed the water level was rising quickly so they assumed that there was going to be a flood which was the actual case. So, they ran farther and farther from the entrance of the cave. They ran so far away from the entrance that they where already one mile into the cave. Now, they were trapped! They were trapped in the cave for 10 days because they where already super far from the entrance that the community had to call a search party on them. It was too dangerous for the search party to go get them that they had to hire professional divers to get them. The trip was so dangerous that one of the professional divers died. Now, after Mr. Calvert told us most of that, he told us that we had to make flashlights that helped the professional divers rescue the soccer team.

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